Aviation: African Airports Urged To Build Airport Services Business


The 12th edition of Akwaaba African Travel Market, Travel and Tourism Conference has ended with a call on African Airports to extend their portfolio by building an Airport Services Business that will operate across several airports in the region.

The three-day event is aimed at transferring knowledge covering travel, hospitality and aviation sectors from globally rated experts.

Mr Richard Aisuebeogun, the Former Managing Director of Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria, said new automated system could also be developed.

Mr Aisuebeogun was speaking at the 12th Edition of Akwaaba African Market Tourism Conference on the topic: “State of Aviation in Africa and Why Airlines Fail” in Lagos.
He said a management information system to monitor passenger queues at the airport security check points which will convey waiting time information to Flight Information Display System.

He said Airports in Africa is going through a period of transition and even as a commercial and or privatize entity, it was going to be well positioned to play a significant role in supporting the aviation sector.

He said the managements of Airports would have to develop new and improved facilities for passengers and airlines experience.

Mr Aisuebeogun said improved airports infrastructure would not only turn cities to hub but would also attract needed traffic.

Mr Ikechi Uko, Founder, Akwaaba African Travel Market told the Ghana News Agency that airports were necessities in the travel business and needed to be developed to facilitate smooth travels.

He said the event was the only travel exhibition and conference in the world, where 90 per cent of participants were Africans.

Topics treated at the event include: Immigration as a Catalyst for Growth of Travel and Tourism in Africa, The State of Aviation in Africa, The State of Tourism in Africa, The Internet and Future of Travel in Africa, Tourism Planning: a needed tool for Sustainable Tourism Development, Hotel Standardization and Classification as a tool for Tourism Growth, Meeting, incentives, conventions and events in Africa among others.

Source: newsghana.com.gh

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