Aviation: EU issues a new list of approved airports


The European Union Aviation Safety Agency has developed a list of world airports where enhanced aircraft disinfection for mitigating risks of transmission of the COVID-19 infection is necessary.

The list has been developed under the sole purpose of ensuring an extra layer of protection for passengers and aircrew and is not intended to suggest travel restrictions or other public health measures such as quarantine at State level.

The list, which has been developed in coordination with the EASA Member States, is mainly based on the information from WHO, ECDC and other reputable public health institutes, and will be updated continuously in consultation with these organizations.

Data from these organizations have been collected and arranged in a consistent manner. Overall, the list has been established based on the following factors:

number of active cases
number of recovered cases
the trend of active cases per day & trend of new cases per day
number of tests per inhabitants
deaths per inhabitants & trend of deaths per day
cases in urban vs rural areas;

number & size of the airports serving a specific area/population
reproduction index – higher than one should be considered in correlation with other factors and should be seen as an indication of exponential

EU Member States, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, UK and Territories

State Regions/Airports
Belgium All airports
France All airports in the following regions:
• Ile-de-France

Italy All airports in the following regions:
• Emilia Romagna
• Lombardy
• Piemonte

The Netherlands The following airports:
• Amsterdam Schiphol Airport
• Eindhoven Airport
• Maastricht Aachen Airport
• Rotterdam The Hague Airport

Poland Katowice Airport (EPKT)
Portugal The following airports:
• Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport
• Lisbon Portela Airport

Spain All airports in the following regions:
• Castile and Leon
• Castilla-La Mancha
• Catalonia
• Madrid

Sweden All airports in Stockholm Region

United Kingdom The following airports:
• Birmingham
• Doncaster Sheffield
• East Midlands
• Gatwick
• Glasgow
• Heathrow
• Leeds Bradford
• Liverpool John Lennon
• London City
• Luton
• Manchester Airport
• Newcastle International
• Stansted

Third Countries
State Regions/Airports
Afghanistan All airports
Argentina All airports in Buenos Aires Province
Bahrain All airports
Bangladesh All airports
Belarus All airports
Bolivia All airports

Brazil All airports in the following regions:
• Amazonas
• Bahia
• Ceará
• Espírito Santo
• Maranhão
• Paraíba
• Pernambuco
• Piauí
• Rio De Janeiro
• Santa Catarina
• Sao Paulo

Canada All airports in the following regions:
• Ontario
• Quebec

Chile All airports
Colombia All airports in Bogota region
Dominican Republic All airports
Ecuador All airports
Egypt All airports

India All airports in the following provinces:
• Gujarat
• Madhya Pradesh
• Maharashtra
• Rajasthan
• Tamil Nadu
• Uttar Pradesh

Indonesia All airports
Iran All airports
Kuwait All airports
Mexico All airports in the Mexico City region
Pakistan All airports
Peru All airports
Qatar All airports

Russia All airports in the following regions:
• Krasnoyarsk Krai
• Moscow
• Murmansk
• Nizhny Novgorod
• Rostov Oblast
• Sankt Petersburg
• Sverdlovsk Oblast
• Yaroslavl Oblast

Saudi Arabia All airports
Singapore All airports
South Africa All airports in Western Cape region
Turkey All airports
Ukraine All airports in the following regions:
• Chernivtsi
• Kyiv

United Arab Emirates All airports
USA All airports in the following States:
• Alabama
• Arizona
• California
• Colorado
• Connecticut
• Florida
• Georgia
• Illinois
• Indiana
• Louisiana
• Maryland
• Massachusetts
• Michigan
• Nebraska
• New Jersey
• New York
• North Carolina
• Ohio
• Pennsylvania
• Rhode Island
• Texas
• Virginia
• Washington

An earlier version of this text said that “this is the list of airports ranked safe by the EASA” due to a misunderstanding. We have updated it, for the sake of correctness, to explain that in fact, this is the list of airports that need to take extra safety measures amid COVID-19.

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