Aviation: Have you ever had sex on board a flight? Survey shows surprising findings

• A new infographic based on a study of 2,000 frequent fliers reveals 1 in 5 have got frisky at 37,000 feet
• Forty-one per cent have kissed someone on a flight and 16.5 per cent have ‘fondled’ a fellow passenger
• Most of this action happens in coach seating, with only 25 per cent of in first class or in the bathrooms

Plane journeys can do funny things to our inhibitions.

Crammed next to strangers and drinking cocktails during normal daylight hours – it’s no wonder things heat up between passengers on a fairly frequent basis.

According to this new infographic based on a study of 2,000 frequent fliers, one in five confessed to having had an in-flight fling of some sort.

And contrary to the popular stereotype, most of the action – nearly 80 per cent of it – happens in the economy seats, with only 25 per cent in the bathroom and 21 per cent in first or business class.

As for the specifics, nearly 41 per cent of those surveyed have kissed someone on a flight, while 16.5 per cent have ‘fondled’ someone and roughly seven per cent have got ‘handsy below the belt’.

Fewer than four per cent admitted to truly joining the Mile-High Club by having intercourse in-flight, according to the report from Stratos Jets.
Source: dailymail.co.uk



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Saule Sultanbekova October 4, 2018
| |

I don’t find this at all surprising. I first joined the ‘Mile High Club’ in 2009 on a flight from Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan) to Dubai and have made something of a hobby of it since then having had 8 or 9 sexy episodes on aircraft.

It is pure luck in the lottery of seat allocations whether I end up sitting next to a (attractive) guy or not and this is impossible to influence, but what I do try to do is choose a window seat in economy if I am on a night flight which gives me a much better chance.

I find the whole thing very exciting.