Aviation: South Africa’s startup airline, Lift introduces carrier’s anthem as it offers free snacks to air travellers in the country


South Africa’ startup airline, Lift is exploring new ways to endear the carrier to passengers in the air travel sector in the country as it introduces the airline’s anthem in collaboration with famous singer, Zolani Mahola.

According to iol.co.za, Lift is fast becoming a household name in the country. And its latest gestures are creating waves among its passengers.

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Sharing the news on Instagram, Lift said it was making strides to showcase the arts.

“We’re on a mission to #upLIFTsa and the many industries impacted by the pandemic. We started at home with aviation and travel. Then, we decided to take on another space close to our hearts – the Arts.

“By creating platforms for local talent to shine, we hope to bring a little upliftment to South Africans when we need it the most.”

Lift said the collaboration with Mahola is just the beginning. The airline wants to become a “springboard for musicians, artists and entertainers around the country”.

Last week, Lift hosted its first music launch and silent disco in the sky with singer-songwriter Divine Mahara. Every traveller put on their wireless headphones for a live acoustic performance.

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Snack attack
When Lift launched in December, it offered travellers a complementary light snack and beverage. The airline partnered with Vida e Caffè and Grumpy Snacks. There were plans to host wine tasting on afternoon flights.

However, with new regulations prohibiting inflight meals and eating due to the pandemic, the airline decided to offer snacks to passengers when they disembark the plane.

“Lift is committed to the health and safety of all passengers and continues to follow Covid-19 protocols,” the airline told IOL Travel.


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