Carnival Calabar: Ayade urge African countries to form greater ties to solve continent’s challenges

ayade carnival

Governor of Cross Rivers State, Prof Ben Ayade has urged African countries to form greater bonds among nations in a bid to proffer solutions to the challenges confronting the continent.

He said Africa which is blessed with a lot of rich historical and cultural heritage represents the future of the world noting at civilization originated from the continent.

Speaking at the flagging off the 2018 International Carnival Calabar which commenced with procession parade from different carnival bands, he stated that the theme of this year’s carnival which is Africanism is about making the continent the epic centre of state’s relationship.

The governor said the carnival of was one of the ways the state is using to showcase its rich cultural heritage adding that it also provides an opportunity for African countries to display their diverse cultures.

“Africanism as our team goes beyond Africa, it talks about making Africa the epic centre of our relationship. Africa is such a wonderful continent with beautiful people, very divers in culture and heritage. Today, we are here to kinetically crystalize and show that truly Africa is the emerging continent. The western world was the past, the far East Asia is the present and Africa indeed is the future, therefore Africa holds a lot of promise to the world.

“Civilisation started in Africa, and it has been a cradle of knowledge and invention. Africa therefore must take its place in the time of things in the world. We are gathered here to conscientize our young men and women on the need to keep dreaming, acting and conducting themselves as Africans. We must show that dress sense, you can see me with a kaleidoscope of colours, these is a complex combination of colours that tells the story about the flamboyance, kinetics, energy that characterises Africa.

“And so Africans have the rear opportunity to use this processional dance and drama to tell the African story in a way that we know- the African folklore, movies and everything Africa. Therefore today is a formal platform to announce that Africa has indeed matured. Africa therefore has become a global partner that must be recognised, African heritage and Africa attributes are highly celebrated across the world. The Calabar carnival allows us the opportunity to showcase what we have to the world.”

“That is why Africanism is saying Africans believe in themselves and Africa must come together and find Africa solutions to African problems. So Africanism is saying that we should think, act, and conduct yourselves as an African. Africa is not colour, it is not racism, but a spirit of the heart”.

by Friday Nwosu

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