Africa: Cabo Verde Airlines Presents New Strategy for Boston

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Cabo Verde Airlines (CVA) will present Nov. 16, its new strategy for the Boston market.

Boston Logan International Airport one of the busiest in USA, with 40.9 million passengers handled in 2018, and being Boston home for a big Cape-Verdean community, the city has an important role on Cabo Verde Airlines’ strategic expansion plan to North America.

Currently flying regularly from Boston to Praia (Cabo Verde) on Mondays, CVA wants to be the welcome airlines for Americans coming to Africa and for the African Diaspora in the United States of America.

This is possible through CVA’s hub in Sal Island, from where the airline flies to other Cape-Verdean destinations as well as West African cities, like Dakar and Lagos, in Nigeria, which will start on Dec. 9 with flights five times a week. CVA’s hub also assures flights to Lisbon (five times a week), Milan (four times a week) Paris and Rome (three times a week), and other Brazilian destinations.

Jens Bjarnason, CEO and president of Cabo Verde Airlines, says, “Boston is a well-known city for the Cape-Verdean community, and we are very excited to be here. We look at this connection with great appreciation, as the relation between Cabo Verde and Boston has a large history.”

The CEO will present the new strategy for the airlines in a press conference, on Nov. 16, in the Consulate General of Cabo Verde in Boston, where there will be revealed the new Boston strategy as well as upcoming routes.


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