Damilola Sobowale is the creative Director and founder of SMIDS Damilola Sobowale…the Nigerian Animation Industry Tail Blazer!!!Animation Studio with Head office at Ikeja Lagos.  SMIDS Animation Studio is arguably the best and first Nigerian Animation Studio. Damilola is an extra ordinary entrepreneur brazing a very unique and difficult startup terrain in Nigeria. She registered SMIDS Studio in 2010 with her savings from NYSC scheme.

Her childhood love for video games and animation movies like Pixar was a propelling force for Damilola, so propelling that she wanted to design some more by herself at SS2. She at that point decided to build a career in computer animation.

Though the business has been challenging since it is capital intensive and also the industry is fairly new in Nigeria, a lot of people do not appreciate and understand it, acquiring her first client was very tasking and she had to do a lot of free jobs as samples to be able to convince a prospecting client.

Damilola has a vision of making SMIDS Studio one of the names to be mentioned in Africa when it comes to animation. We dream that one day we’ll even win an Oscar, we want to be an academy award winning animation studio she revealed on her recent interview.

Damilola networks with WIMBIZ (Women in management and Business), she is one of YOUWIN women Awardees. She studied Computer Science and has undertaken various animation and professional courses both local and overseas, she is married to Mr. Ezekiel Solesi. She is being featured on current headline campaign for FIRS [Federal Inland Revenue Service].

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