Africa:E-Yellow card is now Mandatory for Travellers in Nigeria says the Civil Aviation Authority

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Nigeria’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), has directed airlines operating into the country to comply with the Point of Entry (POE), policy which mandates intending air travellers to obtain a yellow card before embarking on a journey.

The CAA in a statement the Acting Director General, Capt. A.M. Sidi, the agency said there is an urgent need to fully operationalize the policy due to the ongoing outbreaks of Yellow Fever in the country.

The director general stated that full compliance with the policy will enhance health security in Nigeria and support the global strategy to eliminate Yellow Fever epidemic.

He said: “Airlines operating regional and international flights into and out of the country are hereby informed of the Ministerial approval of the Nigeria Points of Entry (POEs) Policy on the prevention and control at cross border transmission of Yellow Fever in Nigeria.

“The World Health Organidation recommends vaccination against Yellow Fever for all international travellers aged nine (9) months to sixty (60) years entering or existing Nigeria, as there is evidence of persistent or periodic Yellow Fever virus transmission in the country. Travellers entering or existing Nigeria are by this policy required to have valid yellow cards as proof of vaccination against Yellow Fever.”

According to him, the policy is also in line with the agency’s Civil Aviation Regulations (Nig. CARs) Parts,, and, saying “the Authority hereby direct all airlines operating regional and international flights into and out of the country to comply with this policy carrying the following: 1. Inform all intending passengers to be in possession of a valid e-yellow card. 2. Make the possession of a valid e-yellow card a mandatory pre-boarding requirement for all passengers travelling into and out of Nigeria”

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