Africa: Euro airlines keen to fly into Zimbabwe

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GLOBAL airlines , especially from Europe, are stampeding to fly into Zimbabwe as the bloc increasingly thaws relations with Harare in response to Government’s re-engagement drive and the implementation of political and economic reforms.

Transport and Infrastructural Development Minister Engineer Joel Biggie Matiza confirmed to The Herald yesterday that airlines mainly from the European Union (EU) were keen on the Zimbabwe route.

“Well, there are so many airlines that want to come here,” he said.

“We discussed this at ICAO (the International Civil Aviation Organisation) in Montreal (Canada) to try to open the skies and also relate to each other so that we open doors.

“This is encouraging now, as many airlines are looking forward to come to Zimbabwe.”

The Herald understands that Turkish Airlines and Germany’s Lufthansa are keen to fly into Zimbabwe. Eng Matiza said the re-engagement process that Harare has resumed with the rest of the world, appears to be paying off .

“The re-engagement process, the softening of stance by the EU side seems to be driving the interest to fly into Zimbabwe.

“The business part of it (EU) is keen to come to Zimbabwe, so it’s not only Turkish Airlines; it is many of them. We keep on inviting them and making them warm by providing what we can provide,” said Eng Matiza.

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