Africa: European Tourists trampled by Elephant in Zambia for getting too close while taking Photographs


A Dutch and a Belgian tourist were trampled to death by an elephant in Zambia as they got too close to the animal when trying to take pictures, police said on Sunday.

The holidaymakers, whose identities have not been released, were killed on Saturday while on safari at Maramba River Lodge in the tourist town of Livingstone.
“A lady from Belgium aged 57 and a 64-year-old man from the Netherlands were killed as they went close to the elephant trying to take photographs,” police spokesman Danny Mwale said in a statement.
Mwale said police who visited the scene found the bodies lying on the ground with multiple injuries.
Cases of tourists killed by wild animals while on safari are often reported across southern Africa.
Some people have been mauled by lions while attempting to take pictures


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[…] Park. Crowding an elephant can provoke & nbsp; alarm and distress & nbsp; leading to human species & nbsp; conflict, however, these tourists didn’t seem too bothered despite the bull showing obvious signs of

Pastor Tanny Mercy
Pastor Tanny Mercy
5 years ago

Life may have been brief , but with Jesus Christ as Lord, then comes rest with God forever.Peace!

Pastor Tanny Mercy
Pastor Tanny Mercy
5 years ago

Live may been brief,but with Jesus Christ as Lord, then comes rest with God forever.Say YES To Jesus.

Edwin Mbulo
5 years ago

The Livingstone Tourism Association has named the tourists as Van Griensven 61, from the Netherlands and Sabine Elfriede, 57 from Belguim.
“Our harts go out to the families of Griensven and Elfriede,” said Alexander Muthali the President of the association.
He added that on November 2, aguard of United Air Charter, Mulyata Nyumbu aged between 50 and 55 was trumped upon by an elephant as he cycled to work between 17 and 18 hours in the same area.