Expensive folly! Nigerians halt wasteful parties across the seas

To party across the seas is to assert your affluence and position among the rich upper class. Thus everybody strove to host the most expensive bash across the high seas, in the hallowed circuits of Nigeria’s high society. While it lasted, the craze symbolised the vain deluding joys and predilection for guilty pleasures of the Nigerian filthy rich. Eventually, it became the brood of their most shameful folly. There is no gainsaying a greater segment of Nigeria’s superrich derived juvenile and gratuitous pleasure from holding expensive parties overseas during the immediate past administration of former President Goodluck Jonathan. So passionate were they about the new status enhancer that many millionaires and billionaires depleted their savings to host such pleasure-fests overseas. Highlife findings revealed that several socialites in the high society explored such extreme measures as acquiring loans at expensive interest rates to finance ill-advised parties overseas.

It didn’t matter to them that they were incurring huge debts to fund pointless merriment in foreign nations. They never cared that so doing, they were contributing to the revenue of such nations while denying their homeland revenue that could accrue to the country’s benefit. But no sooner did Goodluck Jonathan lose his re-election bid than the bubble burst on these overseas-party freaks. As you read, most of them have retraced their steps and applied strict restraints on their spending patterns. Further findings revealed that the country’s superrich have suddenly outgrown their love for squandering millions of Naira and Dollars overseas on birthday parties, wedding ceremonies and so on. Some of the cities they used in the past to show off their wherewithal and assert their celebrity prowess include: Dubai in United Arab Emirates, Canada, Dublin in Ireland, Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, London, South Africa, Gambia, Ghana, Barbados and other Caribbean countries. Today, Nigerians have cut it drastically and all these countries are feeling the pinch.

Source: thecapital.ng



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