Africa:Lagos Airport reopens to International Flights as Nigerian Aviation Authorities complete Calibration of faulty Landing Instruments

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Foreign airlines operating into Nigeria’s Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA), Lagos can breathe a sigh of relief as normalcy seem to have returned to the airport following the calibration of the Instrument Landing System(ILS), at the terminal.

A NOTAM (Notice To Air Men) from aviation authorities in the sector revealed that the Localizer and Distance Measuring Equipment, DME in the International Airport Runway 18R and Glide Slopes on the Domestic Airport Runway 18L and 18R have successfully been calibrated and has pass test flight.

International carriers flying into the Lagos airport in the past one week were unable to make us of the terminal due to extremely poor visibility conditions throughout the West African region.

According to, a large number of flights had experiencing significant disruptions, including delays, cancellations and diversions.

Last week, Qatar Airways diverted it flight to Accra, while DHL flight, from Cotonou to Lagos was diverted back to Cotonou due to weather.

Also, Emirate Airlines from Dubai to Lagos was diverted to Accra. British Airways, Delta Airlines, Cargolux had similar challenges and had to use the Kotoka International Airport.

The inability for the carriers to use the airport was also due to the ongoing calibration of the Cat III ILS at both the runway 18R and 18L.

Nigeria’s Airspace Management Agency, (NAMA), had attributed the frequent diversion of flights to neighbouring countries by foreign airlines to inclement weather and company minimas of affected airlines.

However, Africa’s largest carrier Ethiopian airlines seemed to have had smooth operation the commotion that overshadowed the sector during the period.

The diversions by foreign carriers to neighbouring countries and caused significant loses to the airlines and had put a lot of strain on passengers who had to come into the country by road from Accra.



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