Frequent Hijacks bedevils EgyptAir

Egypt citizens

EgyptAir, whose MS181 flight was hijacked on Tuesday and forced to land at Larnaca International Airport, is no stranger to such headline-making incidents.

In the deadliest, the national flag carrier saw one of its jets, a Boeing 737, seized in November 1985 by gunmen said to have links to the Abu Nidal extremist group.

They diverted the plane shortly after takeoff from Athens, landing in Malta, where a raid by Egyptian commandos resulted in the deaths of 50 passengers and six hijackers.
According to the Aviation Safety Network’s safety database, Tuesday’s incident involving an Airbus A320-232, was the eighth hijacking involving an EgyptAir flight.

The others, including the most recent in 2009, were mostly perpetrated by individuals or small groups acting independently.

EgyptAir, originally named Misr Airwork, was founded in 1932
Source: CNN



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