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Gambia Bird arrives Nigeria with no fanfare as passenger complains

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A frequent flyer with Gambia Bird airlines who have been enjoying their services between his base in Accra,Ghana and Freetown,Sierra Leone was so angry with low key entry of the Airline into West Africa’s busiest Airport Lagos that he called on the Airline to make changes in the marketing department. Alan Beales believes so much in the Gambian Bird product that he was shocked with the way his choice airline sneaked into Nigeria unannounced.

“I was privileged to have been a guest on the inaugural Accra-Lagos flight today.

My recommendation is that you immediately dismiss your complete Marketing Department. They are a disgrace to you, and completely missed these important events. (I was also privileged to fly on the inaugural Aero Contractors flight many years ago, and when it was evident the uptake of free seats was slow, the Marketing Director called some of us to ask our help in finding some passengers – he knew the inaugural flight had to be full. I found 22. He also knew that he had to organise a reception at a classy hotel at each end of the flight for the passengers.) Gambia Bird? Nothing. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

In the same light, it seems the Accra ground staff did nothing to improve the situation either. Perhaps you can immediately replace them with some dynamic, pro-active, out-of-the-box thinkers who will enhance Gambia Bird’s reputation and draw attention to the fact that you offer such a wide range of flights, in modern aircraft, thereby attracting passengers.

An inaugural flight with 20 passengers (some of whom were going to Douala, so 20 passengers split between two destinations) on a 100+ seat airplane. Absolutely pathetic.

By my assessment, and I am a passenger, with absolutely no marketing experience whatsoever, the normal requirements of an inaugural flight that were notable by their complete absence today were:

  1. 1.  No welcome on board by Management or Marketing Department, or anyone other than the sweet wielding cabin crew (as on all flights)
  2. 2.  No certificate/memento/gift to mark the occasion
  3. 3.  No special meal/snack
  4. 4.  No reception at destination
  5. 5.  No evident publicity
  6. 6.  No press invited to the event
  7. Not even a new in flight magazine to replace the first edition which is still the only one passengers have seen.

PS I object very strongly to being called a customer when I am on a flight. I AM A PASSENGER. When I am buying my ticket, I am a customer. On a flight I AM A PASSENGER.”

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