Africa: Gambian Government exempts airlines and Tour Operators from the $40 Airport Tax


The would be levied airport security tax to be imposed on any arriving and departing passenger which almost caused pandemonium in the tourism sector has recently been reviewed by the authorities, with this outcome tour operators and airlines will not be affected by the implementation of the security levy.

This was disclosed in a circulated press release from the Office of the President to Gambia Civil Aviation Authority. It stated that “government wishes to inform the affected tour operators and airlines that they will not be affected by the implementation of the current security levy.” Equally, the release continued: “the government is in consultation with Securiport LLC to flesh out an economically viable management plan that optimises synergies between National Security and Sustainable Tourism.”

In October 2018, The Gambia Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) officially confirmed through a letter dispatched to Banjul International Airport that from the 15th of January 2019, a security tax of $20 per person for any arriving and any departing passenger would be levied.

Since then the proposed implementation of the levy on all passengers at the Banjul International Airport became a concern to every stakeholder in the industry.

Sheik Tejan Nyang, head of School ITTOG, recently congratulated the minister of Tourism and Culture and his team for their change of decision on the detrimental introduction of the $40 security tax. “We are delighted that this is now changed by the government, according to the recent press release,” he stated.

Author: Yunus S Saliu

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