Ghana: Experience the Beauty of Nzulezu and Takoradi with AWA

By Friday Nwosu

Ghana’s leading domestic and regional airline, Africa World Airlines, is offering Ghanaians and tourists the opportunity to explore the beautiful landscape of Takoradi and its surrounding communities with its newly introduced flight to the region.

A statement from the airline said it will be making a daily flight to the Ghanaian city four times a day with two flights in the morning and two flights in the evening at GHC 280.

AWA is one of the fastest growing regional carriers in West Africa and the airline has consistently increased its flights schedule to meet the growing demand of air travellers in the region.

The airline recently increased its flight schedule from 11 weekly flights to 24 and is poised to give the Ghanaian travelling public 4 daily flights to Takoradi.

Tokaradi is one of the largest cities in Ghana and its surrounding communities are a draw for tourists and businesses alike.

Takoradi and Sekondi, regarded as the twin city, together form one of the liveliest cities of Ghana. While Sekondi dates back to the 17-th century, Takoradi was just a fishing village when it was chosen to become Ghana’s first deep-water seaport. Since then it has boomed. It is a young and vibrant city.

According to, the heart of the city is a sqaure called Market Circle Bus stations, cheap hotels and restaurants are all to be found in this area. Liberation Road, which leads southeast from there it takes you to the port area via the Artisan centre – a good place for souvenirs. In the port area you find the post office, the train station as well as banks and department stores.

There is a good beach just 2 km south of the centre, with a golf course and a sports club nearby.

Some of the good hotels in Takoradi where you can stay are: Africa Beach Hotel, Takoradi Beach Hotel, Valley Beach Hotel etc. The “good” area so as to stay and have fun is Beach Road. It has a lot of joints where you will be able to have both fun and food.

Also, Ghana’s only known town on water, Nzulezu in the Jomoro District of the Western Region, has been furnished with a resort facility.

The village of Nzulezu is located near the village of Beyin, roughly 90 kilometers west of Takoradi, in the Jomoro District of the Western Region of Ghana.

Nzulezu overlooks the Lake Tadane, and is entirely made up of stilts and platforms. In 2000, it was nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it is a major tourist attraction area.

Nzulezu also has a four star hotel with forty room capacity located at Beyin, the stop before one boards a boat to one of Ghana’s tourist attractions

It is also two kilometres (2km) from the Ghana Gas Processing Plant in the Ellembele District.

The resort, known as “Karela Beach Resort” is strategically positioned to serve as both resting and preparatory joint for tourists who desire to visit the Nzulezu site.

Also, it is to serve as a ‘home out of home’ joint for tourists across the world, with its ultramodern luxurious facilities.

It has a two hundred and fifty (250) capacity conference hall, which can be used for all levels of meetings as a business centre.

According to, the facility, which is closer to the Atlantic Ocean with natural white sand beach will render both surfing services to clients as well as provide boat ride trips to ‘Nzulezu’ for both clients and tourists.

It also has two restaurants, a swimming pool and a bar, as well as a grill hut, where clients and tourists will have the pleasure of selecting from the pond, their preferred catch.

The Karela resort also serves both continental and traditional dishes, especially rabbit meat, which is popularly known as ‘white’ meat as one of its special delicacies to clients.
Tourists can now take advantage of the newly introduced flight schedules by African World Airline to explore the area and transact other businesses.


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