Africa: Global Ghana Airlines Delays Inaugural Flight


Yesterday was supposed to be a game changing day for aviation. Global Ghana Airlines was supposed to launch their highly anticipated service between Chicago and Accra.

The new eagle that was supposed to bring us the faith to fly was supposed to take off yesterday… but it didn’t!
Worry not, though, the inaugural flight is only delayed by a few weeks.

Initially I was worried the inaugural flight may have been canceled because one of their low altitude flight attendants called in sick, or because it was a cold day in Chicago and deicing fluid is too expensive, but that’s apparently not what the problem was.

So if you were booked on yesterday’s flight, hopefully you’ve been transferred to Global Ghana Airlines’ “charter partners for completion of those transactions.” I believe they may have an interline agreement with Western Union.

On the plus side, I’m feeling really good about the November 6 launch date. Global Ghana Airlines at this point is just waiting to “communicate with regulatory authorities and secure requisite documentation.”

It’s all minor details at this point, you know?
• They just have to “communicate with regulatory authorities” to, like, get an operating certificate, request permission to operate international flights, etc.
• Then they just have to “secure requisite documentation,” like, signing up to acquire an aircraft

All that really shouldn’t take more than a couple of weeks.
I’m feeling good this time around. Their initial November 2017 launch may have been a bit optimistic, but at this point they’re just working out the tiny details.


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