Tourism: Governor Ayade Makes Case For Free Movement Of Africans In Continent, Preaches Humanity

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Cross Rivers State governor, Ben Ayade has said the free movement of Africans within the continent will improve tourism growth and increase economic and commercial activities in Africa.

He said border closure by countries within the continent has created bottlenecks for people who would love to travel from one place to another, stating that it negates the divine principle of humanity.

Ayade said this on Saturday in Calabar while kick starting the 2019 Carnival Calabar cultural festival celebration.

He said: “If goods and services can move across the world, the world would be globalized, the extreme poverty reduced.” “If goods and services can be allowed to move from one continent to another why then is the movement of people restricted”.

The Governor advocated for a reduction of wealth from extremely wealthy countries to those with extreme poverty so as to strike a balance, adding that by so doing the society would once again become a happy place for all to live.

“Perhaps if I have not passed any message, the strongest message is that humanity is the strongest religion that every mankind must adopt. It is not in the Bible or Koran, that if one know that his or her neighbour has not eating, you should share your piece of food with him or her.

“If you practice humanity, you will know that the poor man besides you, whose child cannot go to school, it will be very ungodly to be flying in a first class flight”.

The Governor explained that he introduced a Ministry for grant and economic empowerment for the purpose of wealth generation and to exploit opportunity for every young Nigerian.

Ayade called on the international community to see Africa as the richest continent in the world stressing that it is because of the exploitation by strong powers that Africa has been impoverished.

He called for an end to unnecessary exploitation of the African continent so that the continent can move forward.

Governor Ayade solicited for the corporation and unity of the continent so as to break the barriers impeding movement of people and goods.

“Why would you have plenty and so much to yourself and your neighbour is dying in abject poverty? It is against this background that I think it is time to call on the conscience of mankind into the real essence of creation which is to add value to humanity “.

“Any endeavour, any mercantile activity that you undertake without intention of crystallizing it to mankind will fail. How would a young African struggle through the vicissitudes of having to go through the desert and Mediterranean Sea only to cross over and become sex slave? Only to cross over and become a victim?”

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