Africa: Hangout With Jubilian Across Nigeria By Train


Jubilian Ngaruwa writer of Hangout with Jubilian on is venturing on an adventure across Nigeria by Train.

It is a 20 days Train Trip through 10 cities in Nigeria.

The project aims at promoting Rail Transportation system in Nigeria, creating awareness and shining light to this means of transportation that has been ignored by indigenes, tourists and travel enthusiasts. The cities to be explored are Lagos, Ibadan, Osogbo, Enugu, Porthacourt, Kaduna, Abuja and Jos.

With the knowledge of the states in which rail system exists, Road transport will be employed to achieve a part of the trip.

The train trip starts on the 23rd of September and ends on the 14th of October 2017 starting from the South West – North West – North Central – East – South South.

However on Saturday, Hangout with Jubilian organized a one day tour of Kalakuta museum to create awareness for the trip and as well explore the home of the Afrobeat legend located in the heart of Lagos.

The railway system introduced by the British government in 1896 and began operations first in 1901. Due to Years of neglect of both the rolling stock and the right-of-way have seriously reduced the capacity and utility of the system.

Starting in 2006, plans were made to restore the rail lines and add new locomotives with foreign assistance. In December 2012 regular, scheduled passenger service was restored on the Lagos to Kano line and in 2017, many other services were restored in other States such as Lagos, Oyo Ibadan, Rivers Porthacourt, Kaduna, Enugu, Abuja and Katsina.

For these states with railway lines, we intend to explore review and create awareness on the existence to Tourists and Travel enthusiasts.

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