How airtel won the porting war in Nigeria

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Pointing 1The results are in and now we know who has won the porting war for the first year.  The NCC released the porting results for the first year between May 2013- February 2014 and guess which network got the most people porting out of its network?

Subscribers porting out of the network

MTN – 36,819

Airtel – 22,595

Globacom – 12.537

Etisalat – 8.653

Pointing 3Subscribers Porting Into the network


Net Porters

MTN – 5,909

Airtel – 40,683

Globacom – 11,756

Etisalat – 29,539

Pointing 2So who won the Porting war? It depends on how you look at it. In terms of gaining new subscribers Airtel followed by Etisalat with Glo coming third and MTN second. In terms of Porting out, Etisalat won that having seen the least subscribers port out of its network. In terms of Net Porting then the winner is Etisalat gaining a net subscribers value of 18,088.

MTN – -30910

Airtel – 18,088

Globacom – -601

Etisalat – 20,886

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