How overzealous Security barred World famous Nigerian supporters club from the World Cup

SUPPORTERS CLUBMacaulay Maduwuba

The Supporters Club ‘noise’ has been an inspiration for the Eagles since their very first World Cup appearance

Reactions upon allegations have followed the result of Nigeria against Iran but one that didn’t come to the notice of many, even as conspicuous as it is, is the absence of the Nigerian Supporters Club in the match at Curitiba.

The supporters have been epitomic in all of Nigeria’s games; home and abroad and they bring some sort of an inspiring mix in every game where they cheer the Nigerian team to victory or whatever result the team ends in.

On Monday June 16, the team was noticeably missing, it was easy to tell since the TV friendly Nigerian supporters did not for once appear on the screen with their symbolic face paintings and regalias, one wonders why they were absent.

Reports emanating reveal that the team had their instruments confiscated against regulations before the game. According to the report, the instruments were seized on the ground that they constitute Nuisance.

Over three hundred exuberant supporters stormed the venue of the match with their regalias and costumes much to the delight of Brazillian fans before they were stopped by FIFA officials from entering the Stadium.

The members were not informed of FIFA’s confiscation policy and the President of the Supporters Club has threated to write FIFA for the conduct.

The last edition of the World Cup in South Africa sparked complains and calls for ban of noisy instrument from FIFA competitions, a recommendation FIFA has taken, thus banning all noisy instruments from the 2014 World Cup.

“we have been going to other countries we have played our instruments during other international tournaments and we are disciplined people. We did not get any notice prior to this ban.

“We came here to support our darling team with our musical instruments, we don’t make troubles.

“We are here to make the arena glamorous. FIFA did not write us officially and we see it as victimisation. I will write to FIFA for explanation,” President of the Supporters Club, Dr. Rafiu Ladipo said.

While trying to justify the measure as an official demonstration on FIFA’s ban, one of the Security personnel who seized the instruments said: “the directive is from FIFA and we will not allow any playing of instruments”.


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