Ikogosi: A Dream at Dawn

Ajibola Amzat who was in Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort, Ekiti State Ikogosi A Dream at Dawnduring the week captures the natural scenery of the resort.

IKOGOSI Warm Springs Resort is a dream at dawn. Or where else in the physical world do warm and cold-water flow from natural sources in hurried discharge and in close companionship with surrealism of outer world? Each stream runs separately over aged pebbles, blackened with ripened moss. The running water penetrates through crevices of dead trees and crannies around constellation of small, smooth stones scattered across the bed of the stream, giving the water body its aura of wholesomeness. The clay soil around the stream has become somewhat fossilized, and left the surface with small shiny silver specks.

On the right side from where the warm water flows, gentle steam levitates in slow motion and diffuses itself across the length of the watercourse, giving off caressing warmth and relaxation experience with naturalness that the best sauna in town may never offer. In their separate, but steady flow, both streams begin from tributaries that cannot be clearly defined and continue the ceaseless flow till they meet at a point where their distinction dissipates. At dawn in Ikogosi Resort, the exhalation of the surrounding greenery produces air that may never be more pristine than it was the First Day of Creation. The local flora and fauna of the resort is just picture-perfect; and its supply of life force, unmistakable. The chirpings of several anonymous birds complemented by the soft sizzling of water on the rocks echo round the thick wet forest. But the mystery of this ecosystem is more marked by the thermal difference of the aquatic pair. There is a legend around this wonder.

A nomadic hunter got himself two wives of different temperaments, one easygoing, and the other hot-tempered. But the twosome got into a fight that made the latter turn into warm water and the former, cold. Folktale such as this is a hard sell to the scientists. So, they explained instead that the deeper a body of water sinks into the earth, the hotter it becomes because of the heat contained in the earth interior. And because hot water is less dense, it is pushes back to the surface by the continued sinking of heavier, cold water.  Whatever the explanation for the wonder of Ikogosi, the resort remains a leisure spot for those who craves serenity and wellbeing that have long departed the eco system of Nigerian cities and towns. Welcome to Ikogosi… “experience natures gift to mankind.”


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