Africa: Indonesian Immigration intimidate, demands bribe from Us Nigeria Businessman alleges


A Nigerian businessman has called on the federal government of Nigerian to take immediate step to nip in the bud the new trend of intimidation meted out to its citizens by Indonesian Immigration officers at the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport.

Mr Emeka Raphael Umeugoji, The businessman, who deals in textile/clothing between Indonesia and Nigeria, stated the ugly trend at the airport by immigration officers is taking a toll on his business.

Umeugoji alleged that Indonesian Immigration officers at the airport have resorted to demanding bribe from Nigerian businessmen at the airport ranging from $500 to $200 before allow them entry into the country even after meeting the requisite travel requirements.

He said: “I started this business in the year 2007(12 years) ago, and have been very consistent and honest to my partners in Indonesia.

“In this recent time, there is an ongoing bribery scandal and intimidation going on at The Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. It has affected me seriously that I cannot bear it anymore, which prompted me to write and make this official report to the concerned departments.

“On the 17-06-19, I arrived in the Airport at about 03:30 pm with an Emirate Airline from Dubai EK0356. At the point of entry an Immigration officer by name Rifananda took me to his office.

“After interrogations, he told me that I should choose between giving him of $500 or my deportation to Nigeria.

“When I noticed that he meant what he said, I paid the demanded $500, before he let me entry by stamping my passport. This was not the first time this has happened. On 09-10-19, a worse scenario occurred at my arrival at the said airport when the immigration officer on duty demanded the sum of $200 from me. When I was still pleading and telling him that I am a business trip.

“He facilitated my deportation, called the airline staffs whom came and carried my luggage for immediate deportation. My saviour on that faithful day was the numerous calls I placed to my sponsor, who called the immigration team leader to reverse my deportation.”

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