Africa: Let’s Go To Cape Verde


Let’s go to Cape Verde. The Tilapia Fishes are painted in Amazing colours by Nature. The water is Azure Blue. The infinity pool is not even as blue as the Ocean.

I walked around the city of Sal and now I want more. I won’t check out of my Hilton Resort room so I can miss the flight back to Lagos and stay longer.

I had a VIP group on the Trip to the edge of Africa. The gist was Top heavy. Hanging out with Boss Steve Ayorinde Oga Gbenga Olowo of Sabre, also Mr. Boku.

We also had Movie actor Wale Ojo who happens to be the Son of Legendary Tour Operator Theresa Ezobi of Tess Travel. Ari Ekwueme the Son of former VP Alex Ekwueme is also a major promoter of the Country.



The New CEO of Wakanow who came along with a group.Tariye herself of Cabo Verde was the guide. Capt Denise a pretty Private jet pilot with ANAP jets who happens to be from Cape Verde came along too. Top agents including Anorad from Sat Guru and many members of the Media completed the group.

I found out the Yoruba Goddess of the sea Yemoja has a statue by the beach but it is called Yemanja by the Locals. Seem so Afro Brazilian that you will think you are in South America.

They even speak Portuguese and I saw a Capoiera shrine too. I decided to ask for a Caprinha for a drink. If you are still looking for me I am still. chilling with the beauties.


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