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Africa: Maaha Beach Resort is very close to nature- Jean Jacques, Acting GM

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Maaha Beach Resort in the western region of Ghana is a beautiful resort that offers unique services of international standard with fantastic cuisines fit for a beatiful resort that is very close to nature.

The Resort which is more of a West African hotel has staff from Ghana, Nigeria, Côte d’Ivoire and others, with the chief cheff from Nigeria.
The Beach Resort which is built with Maaha, a material from the Raffia tree is the place to be when in Ghana to have that home away experience.

In this interview with Jean Jacques Mass, acting general manager of Maaha Beach Resort in western region, Ghana, he speaks on the unique features that makes the Resort one of the best in Ghana, challenges in trying to put the facility together, security at the resort, its conference facilities among others.
Franklin Ihejirika who was on the tour of western region of Ghana during the recent Accra Weizo reports.

What is the attraction for the resort?
We have an island where we use to organise retreats. We use to also organise events for our guests and also at times our own type of event that attract guests. We have sport machines, and also team building activities, depending on the request of the guests, we can sit down together and put something that will meet their needs.
What is your patronage like
Most of the people who are coming in are coming in at weekends. The highest no of guests we always have here are at weekends. And it is an average of 60percent.

If I haven’t been here before what can you tell me that will draw my interest to this place?
I think what makes this place unique is the fact that is very close to nature. When you come around, you will see this high coconut trees that gives you the impression of being in some American country, but we are still in Ghana. And the type of building that we also have they are really local made and it is unique. If you really look around even in Ghana, you will never see a building without the refia stick.

So the concept behind it is really to be proud of our creativity in Africa with our proper materials. So I think this place should be an example for most of our own African countries to promote what we have. Everything was built by local artisans with local materials in conjunction with the owner who is also into construction. I think this is the best destination in Ghana, you will not have to deal with concrete. It is not like concrete is not a good thing but we are trying to promote what we have, that is the most unique thing that this destination is known for.

What is the star rate for this resort?
We have 135 rooms with two conference rooms with a cinema. We also have two restaurants, we have a private presidential area where you have 6 bedrooms, you have a private kitchen, laundry, a private bar and pool and private beach also. You can even have friends in that area and organise a private party.

What are the challenges you face while trying to put this facility together?
The challenges that we are having here is the procurement of the materials. We are using organic materials, we are using bamboo, wood and to maintain it is really hard. It is not like when you are having a concrete building and you can always paint it. We are also sometimes having issues with this breeze. So those things are natural challenges that we learn on a daily basis on how to manage with them. But we have been able to cope with it and we have been consistent.

When did you open this resort?
Officially we open this resort June 2017. It is a young place.

Part from the architectural beauty and the local content, in terms of service what do you offer to make guests come back?
We have the privilege of having a lot of expatriates out of the Ghanaian chefs that we have around, we have also had at the beginning Portuguese and Moroccans working here who also contributed to set up the menus that we have now. And now our executive chef is a Nigerian and he is well skilled. Also they all contributed to bring out this nice and beautiful gastronomy that we have in the resort. We also have Ivoirians and
Portuguese that also involved themselves at the beginning of the project.

How has it been since 2017 you opened?
It has been very busy and now I will say that it is a very great opportunity having you here because we are now targeting the leisure market. Because at the beginning there was also a very good opportunity for us at the Ghana gas company. The oil and gas companies were always with us, so the resort is fully booked. Not for a day but for the whole year and now some of them are at the end of their project, so now we have to focus on the leisure market. So the population can also enjoy the beauty of the serene environment that we have and the great service that we are giving out.

Don’t you think the distance from Accra to this place can be a kind of hindrance for people to come here?
What I can say is that we don’t really have to focus on these things as Africans. If Nigerians are coming to Ghana to discover this place, I think we can also contribute altogether to promote tourism in Africa. Some of our African brothers also travel far to have other experiences, then why not among ourselves as Africans, distance shouldn’t be a factor that should count. I think distance should also be part of the adventure. Some people will travel from Ghana to Kenya to have safari, some will travel from here to South Africa, I think South Africa is very far from Accra, so if you need to have another experience distance may not be a factor.

What about security?
I think that is our strongest point, if you want to talk about competitors of this area, before you will really have a contract with oil and gas company, we go through a lot of inspections. And we have ENI that is really known, it is a great company. If they choose Maha Beach Resort, I think we are trustful. there is something that they saw and they feel secure.

How are your conference facilities?
This is our main conference room which is the biggest with 300 seats, if you want to do the theatre setup you have 200 seats and we also have the privilege of hosting very big events like the birthdays of one of the political figures.

What other facilities do you have here?
We have cinema, we also have an island, a Spa, a gym, we have a tennis court, we do massage, it is part of the treatment that the Spa is also offering.

What activities do you do at the ocean front?
We have activities at the ocean front but it depends on the tide because we are very close to the sea. So when the tide is low, we sometimes carry our goal post to play beach soccer around that area, but we can also play beach soccer behind the gate.

Source: nigerianfranknewsng.com

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