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Aviation: Man leaves bad review of airline during flight and it only made things worse

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Writing reviews or criticism of a brand, venue or service is part of the parcel on the internet these days.

You can literally find reviews for anything these days and they can go with or without consequence.

However, you probably shouldn’t write a review of something when you are using it, especially when you are on a plane.

For some reason that’s exactly what travel vlogger Josh Cahill did during a recent flight with Malaysia Airlines, from Kuala Lumpur to London.
Cahill has a big following on YouTube and Instagram and has according to him has flown with Malaysia Airlines before.

While he was in the air, Cahill noticed that the hospitality of the crew wasn’t up to scratch, the in-flight entertainment wasn’t working and the food wasn’t satisfactory.

Halfway through his 14-hour flight, he shared his discontent in an Instagram post.

From there he says his experience got worse as it became obvious that the crew had seen the post (probably didn’t help that he tagged Malaysia Airlines in the post) and the crew were not best pleased.

Cahill said he was denied any refreshments, including water, was told to stop filming on his phone and was even publicly shouted at by one member of the in-flight team.

Speaking to news.com.au Cahill said:
After the captain was informed mid-flight by the (airline’s headquarters) about my post they asked me why I would post and complain.
They started ignoring me then, wouldn’t offer me any water when the crew came around.

They then told me I should stop filming or I won’t get served anymore.
Cahill eventually agreed to stop filming but when he arrived in London, a representative from the airline was there to meet him who did apologise for his experience.

He then said that he received a string of ‘template’ apology emails from the company including one from the CEO Izham Ismail.

He is now of the opinion that they knew exactly who he was and was trying to stop him from documenting anything else about the flight.
I think it was clearly to prevent me from getting more footage and create a bad review on my YouTube channel.

I had a rather disappointing flight with Jet Airways earlier this year and the video was watched over one million times and I guess they are afraid of bad review from me.

I have had bad flights obviously, but that I was denied service and told off, that has never happened to me before.

I also have never heard of a similar case.

Cahill has put together a 20-minute review of the flight on YouTube where he goes into great detail on how he claims he was treated.

Malyasia Airlines has issued a statement regards the claims:
We pride ourselves on the quality of our service and regret if the passenger felt standards were below expectations on this occasion.

As soon as we were made aware of Mr. Cahill’s grievances, we contacted him directly and offered a full refund for his journey. We are taking his accusations seriously and conducting a review into what happened.

Cahill flies around 150 times each year obviously knows a thing or two about what makes a good flight and although the staff acted unprofessionally he’ll perhaps think twice the next time he is compelled to post a bad review during a flight.

Source: indy100.com

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