Tourism: Millennials Are The Best Wildlife Conservation Travelers


A Millennial Traveler Survey found that 65 percent of volunteer travelers were 18 to 25 years old, which is backed up by economists who also estimate that of the 971 million people who volunteer each year, most are millennials.

Millennials are a more socially conscious travel group who make up 70 percent of volunteers across the globe working mostly on wildlife conservation and education. South Africa, Ecuador and Mexico are their top three volunteer destinations.

Volunteer Southern Africa verifies that Millennials are their primary volunteer warriors.

“We have hosted more than 9,500 volunteers from 25 countries – and 81% of them are Millennials. These young wildlife champions have helped rehabilitate more than 1,100 animals, donating countless man-hours and contributing significant tourism spend to diverse wildlife conservation projects across Southern Africa, while enjoying a travel experience of a lifetime – evidenced by the more than 850 of our volunteers who return again and again,” says Earl Smith, CEO of Volunteer Southern Africa.

“Wildlife conservation volunteering can be a powerful force in conservation – ensuring that wildlife conservation sanctuaries are no longer constrained by few hands and limited budgets. Volunteers contribute man-hours and much-needed funds to help cover the vast expenses of protecting our wildlife,” he added.

“Conserving our wildlife requires a global effort,” says Smith. “Wildlife conservation volunteering is a vast new resource for conservation projects across Southern Africa. We take great pride in professionally and ethically recruiting, hosting and looking after our volunteers during their stay at a wildlife conservation program that ignites their passion.”

Smith encourages people to meet the millennial volunteers of Volunteer Southern Africa on their website to learn more about their wildlife conservation efforts and programs and how they change the lives of the volunteers and local wildlife.


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