Africa: Mombasa super bridge plan set to relieve ferry pain for Coast residents

An American structural engineer, Joseph Straus, once said: ‘Bridges are a monument of progress.’ This adage will soon hold true to residents of the Coast region, with the construction of the proposed Mombasa Gate Bridge across the Likoni channel.

Construction of the Sh46 billion bridge, to facilitate traffic between the city of Mombasa, the South Coast and Kwale, starts in 2021 and is expected to boost trade and tourism on the South Coast.

This bridge will also significantly complement the Dongo Kundu road bypass, which is almost complete.

These developments come hot on the heels of recent discoveries of substantial mineral deposits in Kwale and the unprecedented move by the national government to allow the Kwale county government to manage the fishing port of Wasini and a revival of the bixa farming.

Properly harnessing these resources can catapult Kwale into the league of the wealthiest counties in the country.


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