Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) 2012 Civil Aviation Regulation Vol. 2 on Consumer Protection, places high value on air travel needs. The import is to help the consumers to have the best services available by prescribing certain rights and responsibilities for air travelers as well as the duties and obligations of airlines in the following areas:


  1. The right to the full value of your money
  2. The right to compensation for flight cancellations, delays, damaged/lost baggage and denied boarding for reasons other than weather conditions, air traffic control restrictions, security risks and industrial disputes that affect the operation of the flight
  3. The right to book and confirm tickets with an airline of your choice
  4. The right to timely feedback in respect of matters/complaints lodged with service providers
  5. The right to be fully informed about flight status
  6. The right to be treated with respect and dignity irrespective of race or physical condition


  1. Check – in on time: For International flight it is three (3) hours before boarding and two (2) hours before boarding for Domestic flights
  2. Acquaint yourself with the terms and conditions attached to the ticket as well as asking appropriate questions
  3. In addition to photo identification, passengers on International travels are requested to present passport/visas or entry/exit travel documents as well as health or any other document(s) required by the applicable authorities
  4. A passenger may be refused boarding if he/she fails to comply with the applicable laws and regulations
  5. Mandatorily undergo security and safety checks, recommended by the Government/Airport authorities
  6. Ensure that you put valuables – Fragile objects in your hand luggage. They should not be packed in checked in luggage
  7. Be of good behavior at all stages of the journey. Airlines/Agencies have a zero tolerance policy for unruly behavior.
  8. Turn off all cell-phones in-flight. It is a safety requirement.
  9. Report any issues, damaged/lost/delayed/pilfered baggage at the airline office or designated airline official before leaving the airport.


Consumer Protection Regulations in accordance with 2012 Nigerian Civil Aviation Regulations Vol. 11 prescribes the minimum obligation of airlines as applicable on the occurrence of any of the following:

  1. No – show and Overbooking of flight
  2. Denied boarding against the will of a passenger
  3. Delayed scheduled flights
  4. Cancelled scheduled flights.


  1. 1.     1.    No – show and Overbooking of flight:

(a)  May be considered for wait-listing on another flight subject to seat availability and the passenger meeting other conditions of the airline

1. 2.    Denied Boarding:

(a)  Any passenger denied boarding involuntarily shall be entitled to at least 25% of ticket price for domestic flight and 30% of ticket price for international flight

(b)  Airline shall request for volunteers for denied boarding before applying boarding priority. Boarding priority is determined by the following factors: Passengers on medical trips, passenger’s time of check – in, the fare paid, a passenger with reduced mobility including unaccompanied minors, elderly and a passenger with frequent – flyer status.

(c)  Immediate compensation if denied boarding involuntarily includes refreshment, meal, hotel accommodation, two phone calls, SMS or email, transport between the airport and the hotel and re-booking by the airline.

1. 3.    Delayed Flight:

( I) On Domestic Flights:

(a) Delay beyond 1 hour; carrier shall provide refreshment, telephone call, SMS or email

(b) Delay beyond 2hrs; carrier shall reimburse passengers the full value of their tickets

(c)Delay beyond 10pm and 4am, carrier shall provide hotel accommodation, refreshment, meal, 2 free calls, SMS, email, and transport to and from the airport

(II)On International Flights:

(a)  Delay beyond 2 and 4 hours, you shall be entitled to refreshment and two telephone calls, SMS or Email

(b)  Delay beyond 4 hours or more, you shall be entitled to a meal, two telephone calls, SMS or Email

(c)  Six hours after the time of departure previously announced, hotel accommodation and transport between the airport and place of accommodation.

1. 4.    Flight Cancellation: Airlines can cancel flights provided passengers are informed:

(a)  24 hours before scheduled departure time for domestic flights

(b)   7 days before schedules departure time for international flights.

(c)  Between 3 and 7 days before scheduled time of departure and is offered re-routing for international flights. Where this time frame is not observed, the right of compensation shall apply accordingly.


  1. 25% of passenger ticket price for all domestic flights within Nigeria
  2. 30% of passenger ticket price for all international flights. In addition, passengers whose flights are cancelled outside the stipulated time above are entitled to any of the following:

(a)  Immediate reimbursement in cash for domestic flights and 14 days for International flights.

(b)  All reimbursement shall be at the full cost of ticket at the price at which it was bought.

4.2.        On cancellation, if re-routing is offered where arrival time does not exceed:

  1. 1 hour on domestic flight.
  2. 3 hours on international flight from the original scheduled arrival of booked flight, the airline may reduce the compensation of 25% on domestic and 30% on international by 50%, i. e to 12.5% domestic and 15% international.
  3. All compensations and reimbursements shall be:

(a)  Immediate and in cash for domestic flight at full cost of ticket price

(b)Within 14 days for international flights at full cost of ticket price either in cash or other means of payment

(c)  When compensation is made in vouchers, the voucher shall be redeemable at all sales outlet of the air carrier providing the voucher.


Prohibited items:

  1. Liquids, aerosols and gels in containers with capacity not greater than 100mls each or its equivalent in other volumetric measure.
  2. Sharp Objects such as knives with blades of any length, scissors, sporting objects etc
  3. Guns and Fire Arms – Gun powder, flammable items such as fuel, gases, gasoline.
  4. Stabling Chemicals and other dangerous items e.g chlorine, compressed gas cylinder like spill-able bleach.
  5. Tools e.g axes, hammers, tools of any length and screw drivers
  6. Martial Arts and self defense items e.g pepper spray, martial air weapon explosive and flammable materials etc.
  7. Explosive and inflammable materials and disabling chemicals e.g hand grenade, blasting cap etc


Passengers travelling outside the country are subjected to Immigration and SSS control of their travel documents (Visas, Passports, Certificate of vaccination) prescribed by the World Health Organization in the international Heath Regulations. This is where applicable.

Air travelling passengers are subjected to screening at the airports by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency.

A total time period of 60 minutes is recommended for departing passengers to accomplish all formalities (airline check – in, security control or other required control).


Clearance within 45 minutes of disembarking from aircraft of all passengers is required regardless of aircraft size and scheduled arrival time.

Customs, Quarantine and NDLEA inspection of passengers’ luggage. Also, medical examination of passengers arriving from infected area during the incubation of the disease concerned.

Further details on how to seek redress or demand for compensation on any of the above issues; talk to our consumer protection professionals now at our Consumer Protection Desk at any of the airports. We will investigate, address and offer advice promptly, fairly and professionally.



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