News: Black African American vote for Donald Trump increased by 2% higher than 2016 due to Hip-Hop Music Culture of Bling and Women says Obama

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Former President, Barrack Obama has said Donald Trump’s re-election bid at the November 2020 polls received a boost from black men, and increase of 2% more than the 2016 presidential election due to hip-hop music

According to, “A lot of rap videos are using the same measures of what it means to be successful as Donald Trump is,” the first Black president said recently during an extensive interview with The Atlantic,

“It’s interesting,” Obama said in the interview ahead of the Nov. 17 release of “A Promised Land” — his latest memoir. “People are writing about the fact that Trump increased his support among Black men (in the election), and the occasional rapper who supported Trump.”

Election polls found that an estimated 20 percent of Black men voted for Trump this year, 2 percentage points higher than the 18 percent who voted for him in 2016, Billboard reported.

“I have to remind myself that if you listen to rap music, it’s all about the bling, the women, the money,” Obama said. “A lot of rap videos are using the same measures of what it means to be successful as Donald Trump is. Everything is gold-plated. That insinuates itself and seeps into the culture.”

Obama’s comments come after hip-hop artists Ice Cube, Lil Wayne, and Lil Pump either met with Trump or his campaign. Lil Wyane and Lil Pump both endorsed Trump. However, Lil Pump didn’t register to vote,according to Florida voter records.

Obama’s comments about Black MAGA immediately sparked debate on Twitter.

“Obama suggested Trump’s hip-hop swagger, $, & women are a dominant factor for Black MAGA’s. This could be one factor of many factors. More influential factors would be DNC Black vote exploitation fatigue, DNC’s drift towards $ & the corporate confederacy, & Obama himself” Moguldom Nation founder Jamarlin Martin tweeted.

Another Twitter user called out Obama for being patronizing, tweeting: “President Obama really hates Black people esp Black men lol”.

“How does this quote show that hates black? Just old dad stuff about ‘rap music’ being ‘all about the bling.’ Also he seems to be maybe trying to get under Neo Nazi skin by saying they share values with rappers” Another Twitter user responded.

Obama just released a “Promised Land”-themed playlist featuring a number of hip-hop songs including “Lose Yourself” by Eminem and “My 1st Song” by Jay-Z.

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