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News: CNBC reporter begs black America to stop calling white women Karen because he’s married to one

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The white woman who called the cops on a Black birdwatcher in New York’s Central Park said her “entire life is being destroyed” since a video of the confrontation — viewed 41.2 million times — went viral.

Amy Cooper was with her dog in the park on Monday when they encountered bird watcher Christian Cooper (not related). The dog was off the leash and tearing through the bushes. He asked her to leash the dog — which is the rule in that part of the park called the Ramble — but she refused.

On Facebook, Christian Cooper explained that he carries dog treats “just for such intransigence.”

However, “I didn’t even get a chance to toss any treats to the pooch before Karen scrambled to grab the dog … That’s when I started video recording with my iPhone, and when her inner Karen fully emerged and took a dark turn…”

Amy Cooper called the police and said there was an African-American man threatening her and her dog, West Side Rag reported. Police said they sent officers but the Coopers had departed.

After her former dogwalker identified the woman as Amy Cooper, Twitter users, outraged by her behavior, demanded action from her employer Franklin Templeton Investments. The firm put her on administrative leave.

She has since been fired from her job at the investment company Franklin Templeton and surrendered her dog to Abandoned Angels Cocker Spaniel Rescue after the video clip showed her dragging it by a neck harness, triggering accusations on social media of animal cruelty #fireAmyCooper.

On social media, Amy Cooper is referred to as Karen — the social media shorthand for entitled white women who call the cops on Black people over trivial things.

Apparently, it hasn’t been a day in the park for women whose real names are Karen.

Steve Liesman, a senior economics reporter for CNBC, sent out a tweet that has since been removed asking Black America to stop calling white women Karen because he’s married to one.

“I can’t be the first to say this but my wife is named Karen and she’s a wonderful woman. I know a lot of terrific women named Karen and i have to imagine the coopting of the name is pretty hurtful. Can we please just stop now,” Liesman tweeted.

Calling the cops, usually on Black people, “is a calling card of a host of sub-Karens,” Suzy Weiss wrote for New York Post. One example is “Pool Patrol Paula,” who assaulted a Black 15-year-old at a community pool in South Carolina. Another is “Dog Park Debbie,” who called the police when a man’s dog humped her dog at the park. A third is #PermitPatty, caught on camera threatening to call the police on an 8-year-old Black girl selling water bottles without a permit.

Written by Dana Sanchez
Source: moguldom.com

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