News: Countdown to Africa Brand Summit 2020, Organisers call for entries


Organisers of the Africa Brand Summit have called for entries and nominations for the 2020 edition of the event which is scheduled to be hosted in early October 2020, 5th to 8th, as a virtual and an in-person hybrid event.

The core event will happen on Wednesday 7th and Thursday 8th. The Africa Brand Summit was established in late 2016 and launched in 2018.

Its Awards Ceremony has become popular for many aspiring brands who do great development work that uplifts communities and deserving individuals around Africa.

With a standout panel of very experienced judges the closing date for last minute entries is 12 September 2020; so best you get nominating or/and entering before it is too late.

To nominate an individual/company/organisation on the Africa Brand Summit’s
website: and follow the instructions.

Below are the various award categories:

Corporate Influencer Brand

Citizen Influencer Brand

SMME / Start-Up Influencer Brand

NGO Influencer Brand

African Country / Continent Influencer Brand

Political Influencer Brand

Community Builder Influencer Brand

Media Influencer Brand

Education Influencer Brand

Food Value Chain Space Influencer Brand

Anyone can nominate a brand (person, corporate, NGO, etc.) considered to be doing outstanding work fitting the stated criteria.

Awards are therefore given to any natural person, company, organisation or group deemed to positively enhance any aspect of Africa’s image.

Solly Moeng, Summit convenor explains: “The need for such an initiative has never been more critical, or timelier.

This is because Africa does not exist in a vacuum. African countries compete against others, around the world, for FDI, Business and Leisure Tourism, attracting scarce skills and generating needed goodwill to attract other forex-earning opportunities.

The Summit has initiated and will continue to lead critical conversations about our continent’s evolving brand image, the attributes that make us proud, as well as the opportunities that remain to progressively eliminate those attributes that hurt Africa’s brand reputation, at home and globally”.

Explaining why the 2020 event will be a hybrid, Africa Brand Summit recognises that it is part of “our continent and of our world,” as such it too must play its part in avoiding activities that might go against national, continental, and global efforts to combat the continued spread of COVID-19.”

This is particularly important because brand summit speakers and delegates come from different parts of Africa, West & East Europe, Asia, and North America. Several of them either face travel restrictions imposed by their own countries or, where such restrictions have been lifted, are still reluctant to undertake overseas travel. They all need time to allow the overall growth curve of the pandemic to flatten-up and stop. Hosting a hybrid summit allows us to enable participation by people from wherever they are in the world.”


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