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News: Global Medical Tourism Market Report Reveals Trends, Opportunities, and Challenges; Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, and India Lead in Asia and Africa Business as China and Iran Dominate Local Market

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For years, medical tourism has been hailed as a promising industry poised to revolutionize healthcare worldwide. This groundbreaking report delves into the tangible numbers, potential opportunities, and pressing challenges associated with medical tourism.

According to prnewswire.com, Medical tourism refers to the practice of individuals traveling across borders to receive medical treatment or healthcare services. Does medical tourism offer potential for countries or is it one big hype?

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This global phenomenon has gained significant traction in recent years due to various factors such as cost savings, high-quality healthcare facilities, and accessibility to advanced medical treatments. There are several benefits to a local economy from medical tourism: revenue generation, job creation, infrastructure development, increased tax revenue, promotion of local businesses, and enhanced reputation.

Patients seek medical tourism for procedures ranging from elective surgeries and cosmetic treatments to complex medical interventions.

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Some countries have been successful while others have been so then faded, while others have failed. Many have made promises about becoming profitable and popular destinations but few have succeeded. Success does not happen by accident needs large amounts of state time, money, and a real strategy.

This report explains why some will be winners and others will be losers. It also highlights key safety problems that need to be solved rather than ignored. Country profiles and tables offer statistics not available elsewhere.

Key Trends

The greater proportion of medical travel is regional or domestic within a country.
The increasing cost of air travel and decreased wish to travel a long distance combined means long-distance medical tourism is fading.

Many medical tourists do not seek out the cheapest destination.
Much medical tourism is for cosmetic, fertility, or dental treatment.
Medical tourists are increasingly being courted by nations in an organised way.
The key drivers for medical tourism are the lack of insurance and services (in the patient’s home country), lower costs, better quality care, procedures unavailable at home, and shorter waiting periods.

Practices like opening offices in source markets; raising awareness about their competitive edge, effective communication, and offering ease of visa and travel bundled with tourism and treatment are popular strategies. Healthcare businesses are setting up physically in another country. Domestic medical tourism is often ignored.


Most medical tourism reports tell you that it will grow 20% a year as if it is all one. In reality, some countries succeed and some fail. Some types of medical tourism do better than others. Many countries and businesses have failed badly.

This report has the latest information, trends, facts, and figures on medical tourism. Most reports fail to tell you that medical tourism is not one big global market but is made up of sub-segments with differing reasons for medical travel. What they also ignore is that while a handful of countries are making money, the amount of time and money the state has spent to make that happen is massive.

Many countries and businesses have entered medal tourism only to fail after costly expenditure as they believed the hype from so-called experts. Some try to tell you that it is all based on US patients, but apart from Mexico, that is not true.

Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, and India get the most business from Asia and Africa, while China and Iran get the most business locally.

Key Topics Covered:

Key trends
History of medical tourism
Wellness and medical tourism
Defining medical tourism
UNWTO definitions
Market size
International patients
Global medical tourism figures by country
Global medical tourism country figures illusions
UNWTO/ETC report on health tourism
Global potential of health and wellbeing tourism
European Parliament report on health tourism
Medical tourism revenue
Medical tourism global numbers
Global medical tourism potential
Medical tourism in the future
Medical tourism traditional
Medical Tourism New definitions
How medical tourism is changing
How medical tourism needs to change
Medical tourism strategy and planning
Regional promotion Latam
Diasporic medical tourism
Value state paid patients
Taking hospitals to the patients
How medical tourism will evolve
How to build a medical tourism destination
Moving away from the price
Price versus quality
Domestic medical tourism
Hotels and medical tourism
Artificial intelligence
USA Insurers restrict treatment in Mexico
Geopolitical problems
Global overview
Medical tourism winners

Medical tourism losers

Abu Dhabi
Medical tourism hopefuls

Saudi Arabia
Problem areas and countries

Surgery in Mexico
Disease in Mexico
Legal and ethical issues
Medical negligence
Dental tourism problems after going to Mexico
USA medical tourism deaths after going to Mexico
UK medical tourism deaths after going to Turkey
Ireland medical tourism deaths after going to Turkey
Irish Medical Journal bariatric medical tourism
Medical tourism does not allow for complications
London experience of gastric surgery tourism
Cosmetic surgery problems study
Organ transplant rackets in India
American deaths – cosmetic surgery in the Dominican Republic
Dangers of cosmetic surgery in South Korea
Medical tourism fraud in Turkey
Medical spa warning
Medical travel agents

Agency regulations
Agency requirements of hospitals
Travel agencies and tour operators
Medical tourism treatments and types
Addiction treatment
Birth tourism
Child medical tourism
Cosmetic surgery
Dental implants
Dental tourism
Dental care in Europe
Diabetes treatment
Elderly care
Eye care
Fertility treatment
Hair transplant surgery
Medical spas
Obesity treatment
Organ transplants
Procreation tourism
Sex change tourism
Spas and medical tourism
Sports medical tourism
Stem cell treatment
Medical tourism and insurance
Travel Insurance
Compulsory travel health insurance
Medical tourism insurance
Medical negligence and insurance
Medical negligence – medical complications insurance
Insurers as medical tourism agents
Prudential cross-border cashless cancer treatment
European Health Insurance Card
Medical tourism customers
Advertising regulation
Cultural sensitivity
Direct chat
EU cross-border healthcare
EU cross-border healthcare in EFTA countries
European standards on cosmetic surgery
European standards on non-surgical medical procedures
Hotels and medical tourism
Luxury travel
Medical price comparison sites
Mobile technology
Older patients
Price comparisons
Price regulation
Security and terrorism
Social media
Taking time to be a tourist
Waiting times
Why do people become medical tourists

International medical accreditation
Accreditation news
ACHC International
Acreditas Global
Accreditation Canada
American Accreditation Commission International
Accreditation Commission for Health Care
Global Healthcare Accreditation
Joint Commission International
KTQ International
Temos International
Accreditation organisations

American Accreditation Commission International
Accreditation Canada
ACHC International
ACHS International
Acreditas Global
DNV-GL Healthcare
Global Healthcare Accreditation
International Society for Quality in Health Care External Evaluation Organisation
International Society for Quality in Health Care
Joint Commission International
KTQ International
Temos International
Medical Tourism Country Profiles 2024

The world’s only detailed country profiles of 172 countries involved in medical tourism.

Inbound medical tourism 2019/2020/2021/2022/2023
Inbound health and wellness
Outbound medical tourism
Tourists 2019/2020/2021/2022/2023
Medical tourism revenue USD 2019/2020/2021/2022
Population 2024
Medical tourism numbers in
Reliability of numbers
Medical tourism numbers targets
Health tourism numbers in
Health tourism numbers targets
Medical tourism visas
Where medical tourists come from
Why inbound medical tourists go there
Inbound medical tourism treatments
Hospitals and clinics in medical tourism
Target markets by country
Medical tourism promotion
Medical tourism financial incentives and grants
Medical tourism at airports and airlines
Health tourism
Health tourism promotion
Health tourism financial incentives and grants
Medical tourism revenue
Medical tourism revenue targets
Health tourism revenue
Health tourism revenue targets
Medical tourism numbers out
Medical tourism outbound spending
Where medical tourists go
Why outbound medical tourists go abroad
Health insurers and medical tourism
Domestic medical tourism
Medical tourism regulation
Medical tourism price regulation
Promotional organisations

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