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News: Jamaica to replace racist badge of Governor General

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With the gruesome murder of George Floyd by a white police officer in Minnesota, America, the Jamaican government is set to replace the aged long badge worn by Governors General since independence.

According to buzz-caribbean.com, the decision taken was to remove the imagery depicting St Michael standing on the neck of a chained black man, which has become a flashpoint in the protests against racism.

A Government source who is aware of the plans told OBSERVER ONLINE that talks are underway to review the badge, but said confirmation would have to await an official announcement which is imminent.

Campaigners against the imagery on the badge, representing the Order of St Michael and St George — one of Britain’s highest honours — contend that it is akin to the scene of the May 25 murder of black American George Floyd by a white police officer in Minnesota, USA.

The badge — which is traditionally bestowed by The Queen on ambassadors, diplomats and senior foreign office officials — has become embroiled in the global movement to remove icons of racism, triggered by the Floyd killing.

Commenting on the issue, Mrs. Lorna Shelton Beck, CEO/Founder of Healthy Lifestyle Network, said: “I would like to recognize the Governor General of Jamaica, and the first person who pointed out the depiction on the St Michael and St George Medal. The picture is totally inappropriate, the thought that the Black man is the devil is even more inappropriate and so inaccurate.

This medal is given to specially designated persons in the 54 Commonwealth Countries, not just Jamaica. At any point any of the previous recipient could have raised the matter but it did not happen. The time has finally come for us to see the picture and to declare our GG should no longer wear it. The time to change is now.

“We are entering into unprecedent times, we have the great opportunity to peel back all the layers and root out racism. The greatest injustice to the Black Race was not slavery, though evil and unjust, the bigger evil is the continuous suppression of the Black Race.

This plague is so entrenced that we cannot even find the root. If we look at the two great super powers the orchestrators of slavery, we find buried deep the vestitudes of racism. Here we have uncovered the depiction on the medal awarded on behalf of the Queen of England, and if we look at the USA we find it buried in the National Anthem in the second third stanzas.

“It is no wonder we continue to have racism alive and well. It is feed through osmosis into the beings of people. Today however, we see White and Black youngsters joining the march for the end to racial injustice. We are waking up to a new day. History has shown us clearly there is a time for everything and that includes the reign of empires, from the days of Moses to this day. Injustice, Racism, Suppression of all minority races must end. Let us continue to uncover the evil buried in our existence.”

Source: buzz-caribbean.com

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