News: Lagos Restaurant allegedly kicks out CNN Producer out for not being accompanied by a man


A Lagos restaurant in Ikeja has allegedly kicked out a CNN producer, Aisha Salaudeen from the premises eatery for not being accompanied by a male to the facility.

According to, the restaurant named Harzoyka in GRA, Ikeja had refused to let her and her female colleague, eat inside their restaurant on November 8, because they weren’t accompanied by a man.

The Nigerian journalist and producer of CNN Africa had taken to twitter to vent a frustration over the incident.

“I got kicked out of Harzoyka restaurant in GRA Ikeja today because according to them, they have a new policy – no women allowed.

This is a restaurant I’ve visited multiple times in the past few years.”

“When I pressed about why I was been hushed out, I was told that to eat in there I had to be chaperoned by a man. I was too stunned to comment, I cannot have a meal because I’m a woman? @MsAdeola and I had to eat somewhere else.”

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