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News: The Coronavirus propaganda War between America, Russia and China

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The World Health Organisation (WHO), has said identifying the novel COVID-19 or Coronavirus with a country might lead to the stigmatization of the nationals of the country.

WHO had warned that people should stop calling it “Chinese” Coronavirus.

Over the past few days there’s been a noticeable uptick in American conservatives using the terms “Wuhan virus” and “Chinese virus,” according to a new report from The Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab provided exclusively to Axios.

Why it matters: This is in opposition to guidance from the World Health Organization, which requested back in February that the epidemic be referred to as coronavirus or Covid-19, rather than terms that could stigmatize individuals with Chinese ancestry.

Despite the WHO attempt to shield nations from the stigmatization of the virus, the world body’s position has been questioned by the CEO, African Travel Market, Mr Ikechi Uko.

According to Mr. Uko on his facebook post, he said: “The Propaganda war is on. President Trump calls it the Chinese Virus. It is no more the Wuhan Disease. Center for Disease Control, CDC, warns that using a location stigmatizes the People. I wonder why that protocol does not apply to Africa. We have Ebola, West Nile Fever and Lassa Fever. It should be a Universal Protocol. No one should name diseases after an African River again.”

Earlier on another post on facebook Mr. Uko had said: “CoronaVirus. China is trying to Change the Narrative alleges Al Jazeera Listening Post 15/3/2020. China has contained the Virus so it has gone to the next Phase. The use of ‘Soft Power’ to regain Reputation by offering help to other countries.

“Then change the Narrative and Blame another Country as the Source of the Virus. This is while the West is busy with its own Crisis.

According to the Al Jazeera anchor the Chinese initially admitted that it started from Wuhan but now they are saying China uncovered the disease in Wuhan but it originated somewhere else. It was also claimed that China did not build any Hospital in 10 days but a warehouse to Quarantine People.

“Remember how they discovered HIV/AIDS in San Francisco California but later claimed it Originated from Africa. The Wuhan Disease Story is following same Pathway.

China sent out Ambassadors who have held over 400 Media interviews with that message.

The programme alleges that Chinese Sources released information that American Soldiers who came for a Sports event left a Bio Weapon behind. That story went Viral and more are expected.

“If you notice some media outlets in America are changing the name from Covid19 back to Wuhan Disease. China claims that Wall Street Journal and German Der Spiegel tried to damage the China brand with Titles like “Made in China” and “Real Sick Man of Asia”. Every Story on The Virus in the West had a Chinese man in Mask to go with it.

“With a global cost approaching $1 Trillion dollars China does not want to carry the Stigma and Burden so the need to change the Narrative.

“Eventually the Scientists will take over from the Diplomats and they will conclude it is neither China not America but a Pangolin from Africa that brought the Disease to China. A new name will appear. The Pangolin Virus will eventually be tracked to a stream in Congo and rebranded.

We have all seen this Script before. They have started. The West is on a back foot now so China will press home it’s PR Machinery.

Mr Ikechi Uko ended his post by saying: “For Africa lets chase this disease Out of Africa first before we bother about them. Let us do everything possible to kick this disease Out of Africa. We do not need it and we do not accept it. By fire by Force it must go.

“Stay Safe. Wash your Hands and Sanitise your Environs. 2020 Is the year for Intra Africa Travel.”

With its spread across nations of the world, countries are deploying all forms of propaganda machinery to shake off the stigma associated with the novel coronavirus.

The President of the United States America, Donald Trump, drew backlash Monday night after posting a tweet using the phrase “Chinese Virus.”

The tweet by the US President drew wide condemnation from officials of CDC and China.

Many officials, including the head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, have criticized the phrase as inaccurate and potentially harmful in promoting racist associations between the virus and those from China.

Now Russia has joined the Covid19 Propaganda War. It accuses Britain of being the source of the global coronavirus pandemic.

According to dailymail.co.uk, Kremlin-backed media has broadcast propaganda which states Covid-19, the new form of coronavirus, was created as a tool for the benefit of the UK.

As Britain continues to fight the pandemic rapidly gripping the world, outrageous slurs in Russian media include that:
The British ‘smeared something in Wuhan’ in the same way that they ‘smeared nerve agent on Skripal’s door handle’; The pandemic was intentionally timed with Britain’s exit from the EU to enhance its global status; Porton Down, the Salisbury laboratory at the centre of the Skripal Novichok scandal, ‘patented a vaccine’ for Covid-19;

‘There is a special operation ongoing’ related to the virus whose ‘players are the British-American Alliance’; Covid-19 was accidentally created as a bioweapon in 2015 at the Pirbright Institute in Woking; Coronavirus is an attempt to gain access to Chinese markets, because ‘Churchill…said England doesn’t have friends or enemies… only business interests’.

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