News: Nigerian Human Trafficking King in Russia, arrested for selling 19year old for $35,000


TWO NIGERIAN MEN who had consistently been feeding off human trafficking, sex slavery in Moscow had been arrested by Russian law enforcement agencies.

DAVID AMAECHI, notoriously known as ‘King of Nigerian Human Trafficking’ with his accomplice, Kennedy Atuge were busted from their hideout after they had lured a Nigerian teenage, Tope Adebola, a model from Lagos, Nigeria into sex slavery in Moscow during the just concluded 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Eye witness account confirmed that Tope’s Nigerian e-passport was confiscated by David, threatened with deportation until she was ‘handed-out’ to a Russian woman for sex slavery.

Tope, a 19 year old girl was traumatized, humiliated daily as she was made to service a routine of grown-up men between 15 to 30 men daily. At a particular time, Tope could no longer bear the pain, even when the Russian Madam ordered her to sexually service another 20 men. She refused.

“Tope had really suffered in the hands of the Russian Madam who was contracted by two Nigerian men immediately the 2018 FIFA World Cup was over in Russia. David, leader of the Sex-gang had given out Tope, a 19 year old Nigerian model to the Russian Madam since all her traveling documents had been forcefully taken by David. She felt she had been trapped since David helped facilitate her trip to Moscow on the pretense of securing her a modeling job, whereas it was a prostitution offer.

Several grown up men always have sex with this young Nigerian teenager, until she had no more strength to carry on. She was denied healthy food by the Russian Madam. It took the intervention of two detectives from Russian anti-sex crime agency who disguised as undercover to save this Nigerian girl as he was about to be sold to another Russian old man for $35,000,” explained an eye witness. Russian police found the victim was bruised, malnourished during the rescue operation on October 23, 2018.

In the words of the victim: “After the World Cup in Russia, I was sold to one Russia Madam by two Nigerian men that made me travel to Moscow. I was once injured by this Madam when she ordered her boys to throw me out of their window on the second-floor apartment because I refused sex for 20 men. I felt I would die. I overheard the two Nigerian men that they had already perfected plans to resell me to another Russian trafficker for $35,000, when I was rescued by Russian anti-sex crime agency.”

The suspects were arraigned in court few days ago in Moscow. They are to spend two months in pre-trial facilities on suspicions of human trafficking and if eventually found guilty, they risk three to 10 years in prison.

By George Elijah Otumu


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