Nigerian immigrants have very poor chances of getting jobs in UK

By John Bingham,

Nigerian immigrants, London Airport, 1 July 1962.Polish migrants had highest employment rate of any nationality living in Britain on census day in 2011 – including the British.
There are those who suggest that Britain has coped successfully with many waves of immigration in the past. They are, however, in denial about the sheer scale of the influx that we now face. The steady flow of people coming to this country is, in no small part, a problem of success

Polish people living in Britain are almost 20 per cent more likely to have a job than those born in the UK, a study of official figures shows.

New Analysis of findings from the 2011 Census by the Office for National Statistics shows that Polish-born residents of England and Wales have the highest employment rate of any other group when analysed by birth.

It also shows that migrants from EU countries have dramatically higher levels of employment than those from non-European countries.

Overall 81.2 per cent of working-age Polish born residents of England and Wales on census day were working, compared with only 69 per cent of their UK-born counterparts and only 59 per cent of those from outside the European Union.

Although employment levels among migrants were lower overall than the British born population (63.2 per cent), the ONS said overseas students largely accounted for the difference.

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