Africa: Nigerians debate if Rwanda has overtaken Nigeria?


Nigerians are sharply divided on the debate that Rwanda may have overtaken the country in economic and infrastructural development.
Rwanda was recently named among the “most resilient economies” in the world by world bank.

This is a country that saw the bloodiest civil war in history but managed to pull themselves together, settle their differences and build something together.

Today, Rwanda’s capital Kigali is among the most developed capital in Africa.
Rwanda has their own airplane and a bustling educational system, only 22 years after.
Commenting on the issue, raker300, said, where is Nigeria? We still arguing over who gets political monies.  Remove oil and Nigeria is the poorest country in Africa.

2017, we’re still talking of diversification. Rwanda is planning to take over Africa’s tourism…now that’s a plan, a real plan. Nigeria is a wicked country and the most selfish country.

According to Donexy16, our president is fighting corruption, economic growth, development including every other sectors can wait first …Naija is not ready to develop yet. Not only corruption but tribalism, nepotism, selfishness and lastly unforgiveness.

Again, raker300, Nigeria has a lot to learn.

By Donexy16, Are you better off today unlike 3 years ago?

Yes or no.  Tell yourself the truth ,, that’s how you know you’re making progress.

According to alrahmanonline, Kigali is really beautiful, nyaru genge is a site to behold, but then their poverty rate still high, this is where i saw women working like men, i pity their condition, Clovis a friend of mine in Rwanda told me that if not that Rwanda is a land locked country surrounded by thousand hills, if they have natural resources like Nigeria, Rwanda will be like Europe, and that’s true, my one year stay over there made me realize that we still have a long way to go in Nigeria, you can argue with each other but you dare not race your hand up to slap somebody or you’ll find yourself in prison.

Donexy16, affirmed that this kind of thinking is why we are still stuck in the cesspit of underdevelopment.

“Fighting corruption” is not in itself a development plan. Only a mentally lazy government bereft of ideas and creativity would use a so-called motion without movement “war on corruption” to cloak it’s incompetence. What is the clear policy blueprint/road map towards development? Two years after Buhari’s government came into being, we are still drifting aimlessly like flotsam.

DOUBLEWAHALA, said you can’t compare Nigeria wit any African country in terms of development. What we have is population which is not helping. It’s high time we put our population in check… One man one wife… Two kids.  Exceed it and be paying money to state government monthly.

For walemoney00, Rwanda does not have the population of Lagos, and its not as big as Borno state, but the people are living fine and its also a peaceful country.

I don’t know why we can’t all go our different ways in Nigeria. This useless country called Nigeria is just big for nothing.

According to mansakhalifa, its a tale of two countries running their economies differently. One over-dependent on petro-dollars with a largely undiversified economy (Nigeria). The other, on the other hand, has a dynamic economy that is already diversified (Rwanda). No doubt about it Nigeria remains the giant of this continent but due to bad and myopic leadership, we are a sleeping or ailing giant. All we need is to re-awaken the giant in us and there will be no competition continent and beyond for us.

mrvitalis, asked please tell me in what way are we ahead? Rwanda refines and sells fuel..we can’t even boast of one working refinery.

TheSpark,  noted, No think am o. Rwanda is far ahead of us, we just have a bigger economy due to our monster size. There was this BBC Hausa report that I once listened to, the reporter said Kigali has more beautiful neighborhoods than even Abuja. He further said many world billionaires have homes there or come for holidays (don’t know how true but he mentioned Bill Gates). He said the general mood in Rwanda is that of tranquility, restraint and soberness unlike Nigeria’s riotous and boisterous nature.

Many young Rwandans are well educated, even more than their peers in Nigeria. Average Rwandan I’ve come across speaks French and English and then their language.
This report is 100% the truth. I travelled to Rwanda after hearing so many positive reports about her, I  was astonished at the level of development they have achieved .mind you Kigali ranked NO.1 OR 2 among best livable cities in Africa while our brand new Abuja is at 12th to 15th position.

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