Aviation: Nigeria’s Govt. Takes Steps To Address Delayed Luggage, Grants Additional Flights To African Airlines…Adamu, Dir. CPD

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International air passengers can now heave a sigh of relief as some African airlines with the permission of the Federal Government will now operate more flights this yuletide season to avoid the yearly problem of delayed luggage and passengers stranded at airports.

Passengers especially Nigerians coming back home for Christmas and New year travel with many baggage which often overwhelm the airlines.

Director, Consumer Protection, Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority, NCAA, Adamu Abdullahi in an interview said, the problem is worsen when the airlines deployed certain type of aircraft not big enough to accommodate both passengers and their luggage.

“The International airlines especially the African airlines come into this country with B737’s, B737 even if it is 800 series will not carry much luggage, Nigerians travel heavy, you see one passenger carrying 20 bags and he wants to travel along with his bags as checked-in luggage even if you charge him excess he will pay to make sure he travels along with his baggage so we now have weight constraints, space constraints.

So, the way around it is to ensure that whatever additional flights these airlines ask for, they get”.

Already, African airlines like Royal Air Maroc, Egypt Air and some others have said to have been granted permission to operate additional flights and use wide-bodied to cater to their passengers.

Source: newsbulletinng.com

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