News: No, Kagame Did Not Call For South Africa to Be Expelled From AU


President Paul Kagame’s advisor, Yolande Makolo, has come out to defend his name on Twitter and to clarify reports claiming Kagame has called for the dismissal of the South African government from the African Union.

The alleged fake news come in the wake of xenophobic attacks that swept through South Africa leaving 12 people dead, including 10 South Africans.

A tweet by Makolo reads:
Yolande Makolo @Yolande Makolo
This “story” by @beninwebtv and an earlier one in French on http:// are COMPLETE FABRICATIONS. President Kagame has never said anything like this at any point, and there was no press conference on Saturday 14th. The websites must take down this FAKE NEWS.

A tweet by South Africa’s Head of Digital Communications in The Presidency of the Republic of South Africa, Athi Gela, has also slammed the report. It reads:
Athi Geleba @AthiGeleba

This fake story by fake news site @beninwebtv carrying fake comments attributed to Rwandan President @PaulKagame is dangerous & aimed at sowing divisions among Africans across the continent.

In the age of fake news, please verify your sources before retweeting
This is what Twitter users had to say:
Thamsanqa iSlwane @Mtamerri
What’s dangerous is President Ramaphosa going to Zimbabwe and apologizing for us when we haven’t done anything wrong. We want foreigners who are undocumented and commit crime in our country to be kicked out, Ramaphosa hasn’t addressed that. Instead he goes to Zim to apologize
Bahati Salah Ad-Din (KUNTE KINTE) @MavinMaverick
I knew it!

Carlo @CarloHD8
Now all of a sudden realizes that there is a phenomenon called FAKE NEWS! We have been warning you about fake news but you wanted to bite our heads.Lets not be choosy now all news must trend as news, even fake news.Kagame left RSA in fury because of fake news.

When They See Us @MzwamaD
Can we report them and request that the account be closed? Thank you for the heads up. I will ask Twitter to investigate the falsehood and request that they close the account.

Keza @ka_keza
Pple who fabricated those fake news are evil & evil industries, but they should know that every word said by H.E Paul Kagame is well known, so they can’t lie about his speech expecting to blind people on social media for Pple are aware & awake now,and he’s an African Union fighter.

By Sethi Ncube

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