Pakistan passport is one of the worst in the world

Pakistan passport is one of the worst in the worldISLAMABAD, Pakistan – The Pakistani passport is one of the worst to travel with, ranked at 91st along with Somalia, followed by Iraq and Afghanistan at 92 and 93, respectively, according to the Henley & Partners Visa Restrictions Index.

The index ranks countries according to the travel freedom their citizens benefit from.

Pakistan citizens enjoy visa-free access to only 32 destinations out of a total of 218 countries.

The survey found that the United Kingdom, Sweden, and Finland top the index as their passport holders enjoy hassle-free travel to 173 countries, the report said.

The United States is ranked at second position along with Denmark, Germany, and Luxembourg with visa-free access to 172 destinations.

India is ranked at 74 with easy access to 52 countries, while Bangladesh is ranked at 85 with visa-free access to 41 destinations.



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