PayPal Now in Nigeria and 9 Other Countries

Paypal Sometime back in May,  CreativityKills a Nigerian web design company started a petition on to bring PayPalto Nigeria.

As if we were heard, Paypal has decided to bring their services to Nigeria along with nine other markets.

Rupert Keeley, the executive in charge of the EMEA region of PayPal, the paymentsunit of eBay Inc, said in an interview on Monday the expansion would bring the number of countries it serves to 203.

A total of 80 million Internet users stand to gain access to PayPal global services , including those in five European markets – Belarus, Macedonia, Moldova, Monaco and Montenegro, four in the African nations of Nigeria, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, and Zimbabwe, as well as Paraguay. Internet usage figures are based on research by Euromonitor International.

Initially, PayPal is only offering “send money” services for consumers to pay for goods and services at PayPal-enabled merchant sites while safeguarding their financial details. This is free to consumers and covered by fees it charges merchants.

Also PayPal does not yet cover peer-to-peer transactions, which allow consumers to send money to other consumers. It has not yet enabled local merchants in the new markets to receive payments, nor is it offering other forms of banking services.

However when they use the word “Initially” we hope in the nearest future Paypal we enable us to send and receivepayments.

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