Africa: President of One Seychelles eulogies women on International Women’s Day

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‘Seychelles is proud of its women’

March 8 is not only a day when we honour and celebrate the achievements of women across the globe or to express our heartfelt thanks to them for their great contribution but it is time which calls for much reflection on how we are treating the women in our society and if they have been giving their rightful place in the development of our country.

The International Women’s Day should be a time when we not only look at those who are successful and making positive contributions but we should also be taking into account the sufferings of mothers, the hardships of women, the barriers blocking their advancement in the society. 

Women are the hearts of our families and society. Gone are the days when women were only housewives. Our country are blessed to have women as doctors, pilots, nurses, teachers, farmers, drivers, politicians, judges, soldiers and many other roles. Women are breadwinners and they head families. They keep families together and they nurture; they instil moral values and have a greater role to play in taking care of the young generation.

Women in our country are playing a great role in the economic, social ,political and cultural development of Seychelles. We are proud of them. They are blessed with an abundance of strength and courage to overcome hardships, love to give and kindness to share.

Seychelles is proud of its women. Young and old alike have important roles to play in shaping this country. The One Seychelles Party salutes all women of this beautiful country. Let us join hands together to empower the women of Seychelles and defend their rights.

On behalf of the One Seychelles Party, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all women of this country making a difference in our society and in the lives of others, those who are fighting to give Seychelles a vision, a new way forward and those who are pushing for gender equality. One Seychelles also remembers the mothers who are going through tough times, those who have fallen victims to substance abuse and the elderly women of this society who need all the care and love.

We would like to say bravo to all the mothers who are making it through each single day, who are able to feed and clothe their children, and nurture them. You are true role models. To our elderly ladies, we can learn so much from you and we salute all the contributions you have made in the development of this country. We all know it was never easy back then. We salute your courage and determination, your hard work and talents.

To all the women in this country, thank you for giving us life, love and care, thank you for nurturing us and teaching us on this journey of life, thank you for being there during both moments of hardships and joy. We thank you for having faith in us even when we had lost faith in our own selves and for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us. But most importantly, thank you for showering us with love in unique ways.

It is important that we look at the situations that are having negative impacts on the lives and empowerment of women in our country. On March 8, let us not only say Happy Women’s Day, but let us ensure that we are taking the necessary actions to provide them with all that they need so that they can play a more active role in the society.

Let us not only say that we need to empower the women of this country, but let us do it. Let us walk the talk. We must give support and encouragement to women. Let us ensure that we do not discriminate them when they are searching for employment, especially single mothers. Let us remember them in the decision making process.

It is important to point out that a country should not only thank and remember its women on March 8. They should be appreciated and loved always. 

Happy Women’s Day to the women of Seychelles!



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