Recession: Abuja sex workers decry low patronage, cut prices

Abuja sex workers decry low patronage, cut prices

The economic recession in the country appears to know no bounds. It has affected all articles of trade including sex. PHILIP NYAM, who conducted a survey on the declining business of commercial sex workers, reports.

The current economic recession in the country is affecting every facet of life as prostitutes popularly called sex workers in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja have been forced to drastically reduce the cost of their services to retain their customers. Instead of upping their prices, the sex workers have decided to cut down their charges due to low patronage from customers since the economy took a down slide in the most part of the year. New Telegraph investigations reveal that some of the prostitutes have cut their price by as much as 50 per cent while some now accept whatever a customer could afford just to “keep body and soul”.

For the big girls who operate in Wuse Zone 4, close to Sheraton Hotel and Towers, Wuse II around Chicken House, the whole length of Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent particularly around Amigo Super Market, and around the street linking Barcelona and Valencia Hotels and Maitama around Transcorp Hilton, they now charge between N3,000 and N10,000 for a quickie which they popularly refer to as ‘short time’. This cost depends on the status of the customer and his bargaining skills.

It also depends on how beautiful and classy the girl is. And for an all-night service otherwise called “Till day break” (TDB), it has been brought down to as low as between N8,000 and N15,000 from the then N10,000 to even about N30,000 or N40,000. A quickie in these highbrow zones now goes for between N4,000 and N5,000 from the usual N5,000 to N10,000. Again, anal sex in these areas now fluctuates between N8,000 to N12,000 while blow job now cost between N2,000 to N4,000. Group service has also experienced a down slide in price from between N30,000 to N50,000 to N20,000 to N30,000. Group sex is where three or four girls service a man at the same time; while some massage him; others give him blow job and other ancillary services.

Some of the ladies who spoke to our correspondent blamed the downturn in their fortunes to the Muhammadu Buhari administration. “This Baba’s change no favour us at all. We are suffering. There is no market; no customer, people don’t have money again,” a lady who gave her name as Christabel lamented. Angela, one of the sex workers our reporter came across at Rita Lori Hotel in Garki II explained that “most men want group sex. They are mostly big men who will not fuck but they just lie down, then two or three girls give them a treat with massaging, blow job, you know that kind of thing.” She told our reporter that there is a drastic reduction in the number of customers. “Like last year, (because this is my three years in Abuja), at least I used to get four customers for short time and there was never a day, I will not have a man for TDB. But now, sometimes for two or three days one will not get a customer. We are tired of this change (recession).”

However, in the low class areas such as Port Harcourt Crescent, Gimbiya street in Area 11, Lagos street in Garki II, Jabi Lake especially around Lake View Hotel and Kado Village, they now charge short time between N1,000 to N1,500. A blow job is now N500 while anal sex goes for between N1,000 and N2,000 from the usual N3,000 to N5000. Further investigation shows that, the cost of sucking breast has been reduced in the lowly rated areas to as low as N500 from the old price of between N1,500 to N2,000.

And in the high class zones, it is now N1,500 to about N3,000 depending on the quality of the breast and the status of the customer. Although, prostitution has been banned in the FCT, the illicit trade continues unabated as more, even younger girls have joined the profession as most parts of the city reveals a horde of half-nude girls and women of various ages and sizes in the evenings. These girls and women come out in some areas as early as 7p.m. to display their wares by brazenly exposing their boobs and waistlines hunting for customers along the streets, traffic lights, hanging around hotels, motels, restaurants and operating at beer joints and gardens.

The local girls operate in the low class areas of the city and in the outskirts of Nyanya, Karu Village, Jikwoyi, Orozo, Karshi, Gwagwalada, Gbagarape, Gwagwa-Karimu axis and also neighbouring towns of Suleja, Mararaba, New Nyanya and New Karu. Meanwhile, the big babes operate especially within the big hotels. But the not so expensive ones stay around hotels where the customer can either opt for his car or book a short time with a hotel at N1000 0r N1500 for a 15 or at most 30 minutes activity. Our correspondent also gathered that security guards in Gimbiya Street and Utako around Chida Hotel are making brisk business as they arrange make shift bed either in the security post or the unoccupied houses they guard. These security men charge as low as N500 per round for men who don’t want to follow the prostitutes to their houses or don’t have cars to have it there.

At Transcorp Hilton, our correspondent encountered Jennifer and the following conversation ensued. “Hello sir, please can you drive me inside? I want to go to the club,” the skimpy dressed beautiful and smiling lady demanded. “Why can’t you walk into the hotel yourself?” “No, the security guards will turn me back because there is no man with me?” she explained.

“But I’m not into this business”, the reporter retorted. But the lady insisted instead in Pidgin English. “Bros, you know say things don hard o. recess don dey fire person pickin for Abuja. Make I no lie you. You be gentleman I know but abeg help your sister make she go find something for the weekend.” Jennifer whose area of operations is around Amigo told our correspondent that she now charges between N3,000 and N10,000 for a quickie depending on the quality of car the customer drives.

She said for a night, “customers are not many again, so most girls have reduced the price to may be N8,000 or N10,000 and sometimes N12,000. But like I told you, it depends on the person. There are some people you just like them anyway,” she stated. At Jabi Village, our reporter met a girl of about 17 years who simply identified herself as Destiny. “How are you?” “I am fine,” she responded. “Please, I want to have fun,” the reporter requested. “Is it short time or are we going to your place for the night or are we having it in your car or at my place?” she asked. “I want just a quickie,” she was told. “Ok, short time at my place is N2,000, but if we go to your place it is N1,500. If you want me to spend the whole night with you, it is N4,000. Man must survive jare,” she quipped.

At Wuse Zone 4, close to Sheraton Hotel, the reporter almost ran into trouble with some of the girls who felt insulted after pricing them and attempting to leave without patronage. They rained insults on the reporter. “Wetin dey worry u sef. Na your sister and your mama toto you dey joke with. Na money we come find o. No come play with us here o. If you no get money why you come dey price toto. Idiot, foolish man. You no get money but you wan fuck,” one of them warned. Efforts by our correspondent to track down male prostitutes was however unsuccessful as their mode of operation is so discreet and highly secretive.

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