African Entertainment: Sex before marriage is nice – Ann Neema

Beautiful Ann Neema is a fast rising actress, model, social ambassador and beauty queen. She won Miss Fotogenix 2014. She is using her NGO platform, The Pink Woman Project to affect less privileged women in rural areas positively. She chats with VANESSA OKWARA about her career, and the kind of man she finds attractive.

Brief background
I am the first from a family of three. I’m from Akwa Ibom State, I had a humble beginning and a fabulous time growing up with my family. I am sanguine and extroverted in nature; had my secondary education at Command Secondary School Ikeja and then Studied Sociology at the University of Lagos. My birthday is on Monday, November 27th.

You won the Miss Fotogenix Nigeria 2014. How did you emerge the winner and how did it feel when the crown was handed to you?
It was heaven! It was fulfilment of prophecy. It was dreams come true. I had always fantasised about this, though I prepared tirelessly, rehearsing, seeing videos of international events, asking questions and honing my speaking and presentation skills and it was finally a reality. I couldn’t have been happier.

What has being Miss Fotogenix done for you as a person?
For me it’s been an amazing ride with the Crown as Miss Fotogenix 2014. It paved the way to higher befitting social and corporate responsibilities and it also served as a leverage to propel my career in the right direction that has brought me this far. As an ex-beauty queen, it has given me a mileage. It’s a stepping stone to networking and had opened a wide range of opportunities for me. I had met a lot of people during and after my reign that had impacted my life positively.

What are you currently working on?
I’m currently working on building the Neema brand. I diverted into Nollywood a bit. Now I’m an actor. I’m also commencing operation of my cooking company before the year comes to a close; got a lot on my hands.

What challenges are you facing career wise?
As a fast rising actor, one of the challenges is keeping a level head. I’m now in the public eyes and any information or act can be misinterpreted. To get people support and believe in you without wanting something in return or being scammed is another challenge.

Mention some of the movies you’ve featured in?
I have featured in a few good movies like ‘Body Language’ which is showing in the cinemas, ‘Not Perfect Man’ and ‘Lovers and Sinners’ which is a soap opera.

As a model, mention some of the works or adverts you have featured in?
I have done a couple of very interesting jobs, amongst which are Vita Foam, MTN Magic Voice — Golden Penny, MTN, Nicon Hilton, just to name a few. They were really exciting, learning and changing times for me in my career as a model and I’m grateful for those moments.

What is your vision as a model?
My vision as a model is to reach the height of my career and becoming a fashion icon that influences fashion style. On top of that, I just want to be a woman making a difference in every facet of life.

As a model, can you pose nude if offered a good amount of money?
I will never pose nude but I can show some good amount of flesh after all the hard work in the gym.

What’s your view on domestic violence?
I don’t encourage domestic violence. It’s a total NO for me. The issue of domestic violence is now a chronic one in our society. In most cases its lack of communication and trust. We need to fight against it and shun any practise.

Have you been sexually harassed before a job or role is given to you?
No, I have not been sexually harassed before. My philosophy about life guides me through and I’m not desperate when it comes to looking for jobs. I work hard and do my best.

You have an NGO, how visible is it?
The Pink Woman project is still much visible! We have been working and visiting women in disadvantaged communities rendering them all the assistance they need and building a relationship with them. The goal of Pink woman is to make women living in rural or semi urban areas get the kind of lift an average woman in the urban city gets. The reality is that it is not enough to be a beauty queen without representing real issues that exist out there and the one way I can extend a hand of fellowship to the various projects that support women growth is to identify with organisations as a social ambassador.

Describe your fashion style?
Elegant, simple and yet sophisticated; I’m not stuck to a particular brand of fashion style. I have a very keen and versatile sense of fashion; I love to be classy and move with fashion trend a lot. I could have Caribbean and French look today, then African with a touch of Indian savvy the next. I’m a dynamic fashionista kind of person.

What are the fashion accessories you love the most and the ones you can’t be caught in?
For me fashion is trends, class and style mixed with creativity. I love Jewelleries and gadgets; my phone is one classy ‘compliment gadget’. It has a way of complimenting my fashion style amidst the carefully blended selection of Jewelleries you will always notice on me. I can never be caught in the same style.

Are you in a relationship?
No, I am not – there’s no man in the picture yet.

You are beautiful, how do you handle advances from men?
I am a friendly, down to earth person and warm towards advances, however, I keep it friendly, open and polite and try to be nice to everyone; its ‘friend zone’ for me.

What are the qualities you desire in a man and the ones that put you off?
I appreciate sincerity and kindness, a hardworking and God-fearing man and of course faithful, understanding and caring. I dislike pride and lies. He must be handsome, a goal getter, financially stable and most importantly compliment me.

Do you believe in love at first sight and have you ever experienced it?
Love is what you build and nurture over time. What most people call love at first sight is basically an attraction. You can’t really tell or know if you are in love with someone by seeing or meeting the person for the first time. It takes time to get to the heart of someone you feel you are able to build a relationship with or spend the rest of your life with.

Can you remember your first kiss? Tell us a bit about your teenage love.
That was back in secondary school, nothing serious though, just the young teenage love we see in movies but then we moved on fast. The feeling of having a boyfriend was fun then anyway, but nothing serious.

What’s your take or stand on pre-marital sex?
Sex before marriage is nice … I’m indifferent but if you have to do anything, please protect yourself and stay safe.

What is your passion?
Cooking is a passion for me. I cook great meals. I love helping people too, women, children and the helpless. Meeting and impacting people positively is a core passion.

Where do you see Ann Neema in the next five years?
Ann Neema is on a journey to the place where legends live.

Describe yourself in five words.
I’m sweet and charming, understanding, passionate, honest and God fearing.


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