Sheraton Lagos Hotel to Open “Best Hotel Room in Nigeria”

Written by Friday Nwosu

For travellers looking for quality hospitality service and a place of comfort in Lagos, Sheraton Lagos Hotel provides the ideal environment tailored to meet the need of guests.

Revered for its excellent delivery of service the hotel currently wears a new look due to the massive upgrade of facilities geared towards sustaining the standard it is known for.

The hotel which has invested millions of dollars in its infrastructure to ensure that it stands out among hospitality service providers in Nigeria is set to unveil its newly renovated 107 rooms with state-of-the-art facilities.

The newly renovated hotel rooms are stylishly designed to make guests feel at home. The rooms are quite spacious and well-furnished with modern fittings.

Once inside the hotel, you could feel that air of newness, one may possibly mistake it for a new structure.

Speaking on the renovation, the Area General Manager, Sheraton Hotel, Lagos, Barry Curran said this is the first full arm refurbishment the hotel is undergoing since it was built.

He said the newly renovated rooms can be compared to any standard hotel in the world affirming that they are the best in Nigeria.

He maintained that virtually all the infrastructure in the hotel in the last two years have been replaced including all the elevators, Boilers, Chillers etc.

“We are in the middle of a very substantial renovation programme. We have 107 rooms under renovation right now including all of our suites, they will start to come back into operation within the next four weeks.

“We have also replaced virtually the entire infrastructure in the hotel in the last two years including all the elevators. The entire air conditioning system from top to bottom, a complete new boiler system for the whole hotel, new kitchens, new piping and plumbing, so a huge amount of infrastructure work has been completed”.

“And the new rooms will be the first guest phasing element of the project to come online. Once that is done we will then move ahead with phase two and phase three. Phase two being all of the public areas and then phase three the remainder of the bedrooms.”

“This the first full arm refurbishment that’s being done in this hotel since it was built. In my opinion they are the best rooms in Nigeria. I have seen a lot of hotel rooms, I have seen a lot of product and I have seen a lot of the new hotels, this is something completely different. I put it on a level with the best hotel rooms in Dubai.”

The Sheraton boss added that the hotel which has a lot of experience in the hospitality business with standard facilities was the first international brand in Nigeria.

“Sheraton brand was the first international brand in Nigeria, so we have a lot of experience. We have a lot of infrastructure in place as a company in Nigeria to help us do business well and frankly speaking we don’t find it difficult to do business in Nigeria. We have been here for a long time.” Full details of the interview in next edition.



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