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News: Solo Travel, Eco Travel, Food travel and instagramability are driving Millennial Tourism Trends

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From tropical honeymoon getaways to family ski trips, some staples in travel never die. It seems that lately, however, travelers are interested in pursuing more unconventional, self-centered holidays. These trends have been gaining rapid popularity in 2019 and show no signs of slowing down soon.

Solo Traveling
Millennials and Gen Z are generations that promote the importance of self-care and independence. Add social media into the mix and it’s no wonder that the industry is seeing an increase in young solo travelers.
In early May, Dublin Airport reported in a Silicon Republic article that “One of [its] noticeable trends, was that solo travelers dominate the demographic of those traveling through Dublin Airport, accounting for 57pc of all passengers each year.”

The reasons for tourists choosing to travel by themselves may vary on the individual, but it is likely the increase in total solo travelers is the increasing emphasis on self-care and mental health. The drama and stress of everyday life make a vacation in solitude much more appealing, so expect to see even more solo travelers in the upcoming years.
Some of the best (and safest) countries to travel alone include Norway, Switzerland, Denmark, Spain and Austria.

Whether its renting eco-friendlier vehicles to get around or booking a stay at resorts with a strong emphasis on sustainability, travelers today are becoming more environmentally conscious.

The CEO of Roar Africa, Deborah Calmeyer, states, “We used to hope that visiting wild places would reconnect people with the value of nature. Today visitors take away much more than that. They will also realize that in their homes, daily lives, and cities all around the world, they can make a difference for the planet as a whole.”

We all have a duty to our planet, so join the trend by looking into more eco-friendly means of travel and resorts. Some of the eco-friendliest and naturally beautifully destinations to visit include Iceland, Finland, the Netherlands, New Zealand and Costa Rica.

People love sharing their vacation pictures on their social media and one of the biggest platforms to share pictures with the world is Instagram. As a result, many people are choosing destinations for their vacations based on how “Instagrammable” it is.

According to Forbes, “In a survey conducted by UK company Schofields, more than 40 percent of respondents under 33 consider “Instagrammability” the most important factor in choosing their holiday destination.”

The factors that affect a destination’s “Instagrammability” vary: the location, the food, the views, the weather, etc. Though these factors are important to look into even when Instagram is taken out of the equation, it certainly doesn’t hurt to capture your vacation in some story-worthy photos!

To get some ideas for unique, Instagram-worthy locations, see “The World’s Most Popular UNESCO World Heritage Sites on Instagram” here.

Foodie Travel
Foodie Travel is quickly becoming a mainstream staple of travel with its own subset of trends. With the help of social media, more and more people are sharing their culinary experiences, even when they are not on vacation.

An article by Forbes states, “According to a 2013 report by Mandala Research, a tourism research firm, 51 percent of leisure travelers want to learn about interesting cuisines or experience a memorable meal while on vacation, up from 40 percent in 2006.”

You don’t have to be a professional chef or renown food critic to enjoy a food-centered vacation; anyone with an appetite for something different with every getaway can join in on the growing trend.
Some of the best locations for foodie travel include Tokyo, Copenhagen, Mexico City, Paris and Lima.


Source: travelpulse.com

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