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Tourism: The Xhosa Attire, of South Africa

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It is such an amazing moment whenever I find myself at Akwaaba events (African Travel Market). You get to meet different people from various part of the world with captivating things to see and the interaction is superb; I find it interesting learning about people and their culture, it’s just great.

Walking down from the entrance of the event hall, my eyes landed on the South African stand from afar, the display was so mind-blowing that I couldn’t resist but to make sure I visit their stand. I immediately fell in love with the attire a young lady and a guy wearing; the printed fabric and beads looked so nice on them.

Quickly I asked for a selfie shot which they didn’t hesitate to join me smiling as I took the shots. I couldn’t resist but just had to ask which region or part of South Africa the attire represent. The young lady smiled and replied “Xhosa”, which was new to me because I never heard of such tribe, all I know is the Zulu or Swahili people. So that’s how I asked her briefly about the tribe out of curiosity which; interestingly led to these findings.

The Xhosa people are known to be from Bantu ethic group of South Africa. Although they are divided into several tribe with related distinct heritage. The xhosa people refers themselves as the Amoxhosa and their language is known as Isixhosa.

Xhosa is the second most populous home language and the second largest cultural group after Zulu. According to research 18% of South African populations are Xhosa. It is believed that the name Xhosa comes from that of a legendary leader a king called Uxhosa. They believe the name was given to him by the San people (hunters) which means fierce or angry, in Khoisan language.

This people wear this attire during special events and festivities but nowadays the modern world of fashion made it possible for people to wear this beautiful attire in a casual but stylish way.

Xhosa traditional attire is a beautiful bead work and printed fabric known as Ijereman or Isishweswe; a skin garment sewn design that is worn by both men and women of Xhosa.
Their mode of dressing varies because it comes in stages which distinguishes children – youth – adult – dignitaries etc.
• Incebetha – the small beaded fabric used as bra
• Ifulu – the garment worn underneath
• Isikhakha – the belt worn on top of ifulu pinned with beads
• Iqhiya – the adorned beaded hat worn on the head
• Uxakarha – small and light weight blanket they wear on their wrist
• Instimbi or Amaso is the beaded bracelet worn on the feet
• Ingcawe – white and black blanket that the men wear
• They have two types of beads they wear around their neck which is known as Isichebe – short or Isidanga – long
• Imsimbi is a beaded bracelet they wear around their foot or wrist
• Umgqa or Igirala – is the beads worn on the neck
• Umbheka phesheya is decorated ukurhasira with beads known as smoke pipes.

Source: ambeels.wordpress.com

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Lola E November 14, 2018 - 12:54 pm

Yes, African Attire looks glamorous and stunning on a couple. because new styles with latest and quality design fabrics increase the beauty and personality of the person.


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