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The10 worst things that destroyed the blacks in America

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by the Naturally Moi Team

Blacks in AmericaHere is a list of the 10 worst things that have happened to black people over the last 30 years.  We don’t pretend to know everything, but this is our take:

1) Black Entertainment Television – BET set the stage for hours and hours of content that worked day and night to dumb down black America for the sake of earning an extra dollar or two.  Even Sheila Johnson, the wife of BET founder Bob Johnson, admitted that BET has increased the spread of HIV in the black community.  They did an even better job of spreading an increased appreciation for ignorance.

2) When women went from being queens and wives to b*tches, hoes and baby’s mamas –When you disrespect the woman from whom you came, you are disrespecting yourself.  Black men should know better than that.  But to those black women who are dancing to songs that call you out of your name, you are just as much to blame.

3) The CIA planting drugs in the black community – Did you know that there was substantial evidence uncovered during the Iran Contra hearings which stated that the CIA allowed drugs to come into black neighborhoods?  They probably didn’t teach that to you in your history class.

4) The mass incarceration crisis – If you are putting so many black fathers in prison for hundreds of years for even tiny offenses, what do you think is going to happen to their kids?  Where does sagging come from?  Why is HIV being spread so quickly among black women, mostly from men who’ve had sexx with men behind bars?  All of this is connected.

5) Reality television – Shows like Love & Hip-Hop, Real Housewives and Basketball Wives serve as daily instructional blueprints on how to create dysfunctional relationships.  They also teach little girls how to bully each other at school the next day.  We don’t know who the pack of wild animals are that are being featured on reality TV, but they aren’t related to us!

6) The easy availability of guns – When guns are everywhere and teenagers can get them, they are going to use them to shoot each other.  It’s simple math.

7) Fatherless households – The “independent black woman” can’t always raise a boy to be a man, no matter how hard she tries, and there’s no excuse for a deadbeat dad.  But doesn’t it just seem that people don’t even believe the father is valuable to the household anymore? When you act like the daddy doesn’t matter, you’re already s******g your kids up for life.

8) The government killing Martin Luther King – A court ruled in 1999 that the government killed Martin Luther King. If a man who was so committed to non-violence was considered a threat that needed to die, then  most young black males don’t have a chance.  Dr. King’s death happened more than 30 years ago, but it was less than 30 years ago that we found out the truth in court.  The government was also responsible for all of the people who died in Hurricane Katrina.

9) The about-face of hip-hop music:  Hip hop used to be cool, fun, and politically empowering, until white corporations and ignorant black people took it over.  Now, it’s (as Dr Boyce Watkins said) “a non-stop infomercial on black male self-destruction.”  You think this happened by accident?  It didn’t.  The government doesn’t have to find a way to kill black men if they just save them the trouble and kill each other.

10) The NBA, NFL and all the other waterfalls being chased by black men:  For every one NBA player, there are a thousand guys who tried to get there.  Have you ever known a man who spent his whole life hoping to get to the NBA, while also spending his time drinking, smoking, womanizing and not learning how to read?  It’s a mess.  There is an imbalance between the educational achievement of black men and women, and professional sports is part of the reason for that.  A lot of black boys grow up thinking that their only chance to succeed is to become LeBron James or Jay-Z and most of them never get there.

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